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City Reserves 8 Oxford Reserves 1

Lita For Congo

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Wow. 0-0 at HT. Caskey scored a Cracking Free Kick. Stephen Gillespie! He was Red Hot, Scored 4, Hit the Post Twice, The Bar Once and could of easily of scored 9, but you cant expect him to put them all away. Lita looked poor. Always on his ass, then looking around to point the finger. Grant Monelle looked solid at the back and outshone Fortune who never used his hieght against them. The Winger for us. Scott Brown the 2nd was good, looked lively as did Goodfellow, who was taking on players for the fun of it.

Couldnt tell you, who got them all.

Gillespie 4





Lita again?

All in All worth making the trip. Good bit of football by City, and it looks as if that we got a couple of gems.

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does the 4 goals mean we have a youngster joining ?

how well did he play ?

Look at the 4th sentance. :unsure: .

Caskey. Well, to be honest, he didnt put alot of effort in, he would give up on some 50/50's and wouldnt make runs BUT on the ball he was superb, never gave it away once, looked strong on the ball and his goal was class, he hit 2 other free kicks.

One went about 40 foot too high, the other the keeper got a hand to it in a great save. We all know what he can do, but if i was the manager Saturday and he was on Trial, i doubt he would be in the squad. BUT thats his 1st game back for awhile, and like i said he looked gfood on the ball and when he did make foward runs he looked dangerous.

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How did Caskey play, anyone?
I think Caskey did put quite a bit of effort in, but doesnt appear 100% fit yet. He was very vocal and made a couple of good chances. His passing out to Goodfellow was spot on and his free kicks almost Beckham-like! :unsure: He did have the hint of a belly over his shorts I noticed!!
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Were any of the trialists that had been released by Premiership clubs make you think they should be signed straight away on that performance? (I know it would be bad business sense to buy a player on one performance)
No not at all. They would be free transfers anyways as they're getting released but i would deffo give them another 2 or 3 games. Especially The Winger Brown and Gillespie, who the way hes carrying on, should be signed up.
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Guest Pinamonte

I reckon this Gillespie guy should be signed up. When did one of our players last get 4 goals in a game? He must be well good.

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Date of Birth: 4/6/84

Position : Centre Midfield or Attack

Nationality : English


Very talented with excellent awareness, Childwall-born Steven's versatility means he can play central midfield or attack. He has a good eye for goal and proved that by scoring prolifically for the under-17s last season.

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Hope Gillespie turns out how he usually does in Championship manager. funny I sign him on loan in the game and boom he's here on trial, goes to sign Henry now. :unsure:
i tell you who was class for me in champ man from liverpool... Ryan Wilkie... Right Winger.... guess it matters less with Scotty back, wonder if he was released as well?
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Gillespie looked a natural goalscorer, not brawny but pacey, good skill, wholehearted, and a real eye for goal. On a day he had to impress, he couldn't have done much more.

Haven't been to a reserve game for years, so don't know how he compares with rival academy youngsters, but if this performance is anything to go, they'd have to be very good to deny him a contract. City should get him now before someone else nips in, we've very little to lose. Noticed an Everton scout in the crowd...

Caskey was very classy, tremendous distribution and a Beckhamesque goal. Not fit though, he'll need a couple more reserve games and work on his fitness and he could be a real asset for the last few games. Certainly played like he's looking to make his mark at City.

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