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What Have You Done..........

Big Red Rich

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We've had many posts about all the memories from the old forums, and the old, old forums.

Anyway, since i started posting back in 1998/99 I was in 6th Form studying a GNVQ. Since then, i have posted from Cheltenham where i went to University and got my degree, posted from France where i worked for a summer and more recently, from my office where i run my car and television business.

All in the last 5 or 6 years when pretty much everyday i have viewed the forum! Amazing how time has flown by. This time has included 1 relegation, 1 playoffs, 2 freight roverish cups and plenty of so near, so far seasons!!

Now, I think i'm right in saying some of the other long standing members have had babies/got married whilst still posting of the forum etc, etc.

So, for those who have been posting on here for a decent amount of time, whats happened to you since you started posting?

Best Wishes as always,

1. BRR

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Guest Bristol_Babe

since i started the forum, blokes have come and gone, i've turned 18, achieved a space in uni and retaken 2 history exams... ahhhh

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I have certainly done less work. God I hope i'm not being monitored!

I have had a Son

removed a skin tag DIY fashion

had the snip, hence, medicinal masturbation

joined the forum team (after vowing never to play football again)

been promoted to Payroll Manager

become a parent govenor at Bridge Farm Infant School

got turned down for the FCC

had a double-extension built

designed and fitted my own kitched (designed as in put units in until I hit the walls!)

Nothing else particularly springs to mind as newsworthy, however, I will keep you posted!


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Guest bristolbred

Since i have been on here i have;

got an ulcer!! :(

gone grayer!! :sub:

lost my sense of humour with supporters of other clubs in division 2!! :sub:

cried when Scotty came back!! :sub:

cried when we lost to Wednesday, Olham, Stockport and Port Vale!!! :(

wanted wilson out!! :@

Peacock to score lots of goals!!! :D

Fans to like Roberts!!!! :laugh:

And leroy Lita to score the winner, as a super sub!!! ;)

SIX games to go!! And all to play for!!! :)

COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!! :sub:

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After 2 1/2 years doing my job and the threat of redundancy looming I seeked a pasture new and infact a new career slant - and thus I became to work at Clik Limited.. which hosts/maintains the forum.. so its also part of the dayjob to look after the forum (a amicle excuse with no comeback.. well, unless Geoff A is watching :sub: )
So you basically get paid to look around the forum and post on it?
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Since joining the the forum about 4 or 5 years ago (on the advice of RichieB) nothing much has changed in my professional life.I still work for the NHS,still do the same type of work and in the same area.

What has changed,largely due to the Forum is that I have met City fans who without the Forum I probably wouldn't have come across.Orj,TomF,Edson,Madger to name just 4.I knew DaveL before the forum (we both live in Backwell)but since we both contribute we now travel to AG together and notify Wilson when we arrive what team to pick.... :P

I've also become more involved with the BCFC Supporters Club,joining the committee about a year ago and hopefully making a decent contribution.

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