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  1. Nugget

    Rene Gilmartin

    Yes & while he was here he was turd choice at times
  2. Nugget

    Rene Gilmartin

    Rip the word third
  3. Leicester fans seemed to like him & credit him for their fitness / good player availability during the premiership title season & others
  4. It’s going to be a fun Summer on here. Hope the servers are ready F5 refresh this club
  5. Titanic 2 the movie exists & its shite. NP has the job. Look forward to the rebuild.
  6. Relax guys, enjoy the sun
  7. It works much better in rugby in my opinion. The open dialogue & discussion between ref, touch judges & video ref works well, larger screens too. Seems to be a lot wrong with var in football though, but it can work much better
  8. Hearing Pearson will get the extended contract, overhaul incoming
  9. Apparently for all the good targets he missed there were some atrocious ones he spent funds on too, I can’t find the list now but these are the ones they missed out on but they did back him massively signing wise but some were flops too & very big fees. Worth the risk though & who knows the setup that they had internally vs Leicester’s
  10. Looks like I’m in minority but I’d keep. Been a weird season for him & others, Pearson likes him too I think & chums with Williams. Massengo, a fit Walsh & Williams would be a good midfield in my opinion.
  11. Reading some more about Walsh, was a good bit of banter about his comment re: Haaland etc from disgruntled Everton fans here, there is surely some truth to a gambler only telling you about his winnings as it says but I’d take 1 Vardy amongst 3/4 bad signings any day but he spent an absolute fortune there! For Everton he signed Bolasie (£26m!) & Ashley Williams. Think Sigurdsson was about £45m!? Did spot Calvert-Lewin though. Seems they either flop or fly.
  12. If that’s Steve Walsh, was reading when he was DOF at Everton he recommended they sign Erling Haaland! He was in England all set to sign when he was at Salzburg but Everton pulled out. Someone said on here he helped spot Vardy etc too for Leicester, bonkers
  13. Great podcast. Found it particularly interesting what SL was saying about welcoming new investors to help push for the Premier league
  14. My friends company made the Jack Charlton film, it’s pretty powerful stuff.
  15. Nugget

    Liam Walsh

    Played great. Better sort that contract, him & Williams will be brilliant together next season
  16. Brilliant stuff isn't it. Ideal scenario, we secure safety ASAP, NP gets long contract, MA moves on & NP allowed to bring in Walsh & co with complete control of the club. SL & JL sit back & let them do their jobs.
  17. Probably waiting on for max exposure times for social media. It’s done though, have a Natch
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