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  1. Wow you could watch that and literally stalk the guy. A stranger can watch that and know exactly where he lives, his room layout, what time he goes to work, where he eats etc. Enjoyed it though but can’t help but they should give that some thought, some nutters out there
  2. Isn’t that Cardiff?! Almost quicker to drive if they had to circle to land it
  3. It’s the whole #visitbarrybannan or whatever the hashtag / @ is ... you see it quite a bit on Instagram when someone has been paid to go somewhere, tourist boards like visit Wales, USA etc have marketing budgets to promote their areas and spend fair amounts. Maybe the handles are the same but seems weird they would put paid promotion on the post without it. Not the most exciting conversation :laugh: sorry
  4. Anybody else seen ‘paid promotion’ In some of the posts whilst out in the US? If they’ve had all / part paid of the trip tip of the hat to whoever sorted that.
  5. Grasping at straws but KP put three o’s in soon and 3 smiley emojis. One for each of them?
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