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  1. He’s not very young, he’s 21 which is just young. That may sound pedantic, but by that age he should have shown some hint of goal scoring ability. He may improve, if he can learn not to panic, but I doubt he will go from a player who only scored 2 goals from 44 Championship appearances last season (admittedly some as sub) to a player who can score 15 ish goals this season. I’ve said 15 ish goals as that’s what would be expected if City signed a new player. As for Millwall in the cup, what about all the league matches when his finishing was terrible? You can’t judge a player by one match.
  2. Semenyo has pace, but can’t score, so he’s not a striker
  3. They sell good pasties at the Minimum Stadium so perhaps that was a factor in convincing Pitman to sign
  4. I’d be happy with that. I couldn’t care less about other teams, but 13th for City would be good. Mid table would be a big improvement over last season and mid table is within touching distance of the payoffs for the next season or two.
  5. I haven’t a clue how the law applies to this, but it seems strange that someone could beat another person without any physical contact. On the other hand, it’s possible to assault a person verbally, or psychologically, which can be just as bad
  6. What’s really interesting is the state of the pitch. In those days, from about the end of September, the pitches would be mainly mud which was rolled flat before the match started. This was ok until play started and then it just cut up. In the spring, if there was a dry spell, the mud would become like uneven concrete.
  7. 70p to get in! I can remember when I used to leave home with a farthing, travel by bus, buy a programme and a pie, come home by bus and still have change.
  8. Which JET will be see? World beater or panel beater (as said by Mick McCarthy)
  9. Good points, but slight problems. If GM just asks direct questions that result in “yes” or “no” answers it will be very short interviews. With the second two points, what is the difference between silly and meaningful questions when your dealing with NP? What could be regarded as a sensible question by a journalist who has a job to do (MG) could easily be regarded as silly questions by a grumpy manager who doesn’t like journalists (NP)
  10. A tracksuit was good enough for Alf Ramsey and the coaches at the 66 World Cup.
  11. Larry Taylor? I thought he planned for Canned Heat
  12. We can’t afford Di Stéfano but we’ve got……..
  13. A typical “old fashioned centre half”, who combined the physical with skill. He managed to play over 500 league games, in the days when treatment for injuries was the manic sponge and a Hydrocortisone injection whether you needed it or not
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