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  1. It was said he’d get an £8m payout if he was sacked. That would make retirement comfortable
  2. Probably both shots on target contributed to the goal. First shot on target from Wells that was saved and the rebound to Scott which went in. Apart from that move, nothing else was on target
  3. He’s extremely unusual for a modern defender. He can actually tackle! It will never catch on
  4. pongo88


    Explain it we cannot. Disprove it we cannot. We simply invite you to explore with us the amazing world of the unknown. To take that one step beyond
  5. Can’t you knock up a few charts to help us make a decision?
  6. It would be interesting to know what the attendances would be if the cheap offers were excluded. I know a few who have only been when they’ve got £10 tickets in the Dolman and are only going to the Barnsley match because of the mates rates.
  7. In NP’s interview in the the Sky Sports highlights, he said that some players who haven’t had a chance would have to take it, when it came. This was with a smile, wink, nod nod, so to me, it was a hint we would see a couple of changes on Tuesday. Unfortunately, with Williams and King injured, Martin looking clapped out, possibly HNM not fully fit and Atkinson not fit if he’s been ill and has not trained for a week he’s a bit stuffed. We could see something a bit unexpected and risky. Possibly Vyner in midfield and Palmer playing behind a lone striker.
  8. At least you watched a good match
  9. How do you know what he might have done yesterday? With some owners, six consecutive defeats means the sack for the manager. Other owners have more patience, as we know. My view, which is not worth much, is NP only wanted to keep one of O’Dowda or Paterson. As O’Dowda was still under contract and Paterson was out of contact it meant Paterson had to be released Slightly harsh, but even if true, a bit better than some of the players still at the club
  10. pongo88


    What - CoD move to another club? Good idea I don’t think he’ll be earning a living with City for much longer with Nigel as manager. Good two seconds. What about the other 44 minutes and 58 seconds of the first half?
  11. The Mathew moving incredibly slowly causing both bridges to swing
  12. Nice to have an honest post match interview without any bullsh*t or jargon
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