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  1. If only….. Gary Johnson was so close to playing in the Premier League against Man Utd at Ashton Gate. Alex Ferguson was partial to a bottle of good wine, so Gary was probably planning on splashing out on a bottle of Black Tower with, possibly, a Babycham as an aperitif
  2. It’s always good to know your place https://m.facebook.com/ClassicBritishComedyUK/videos/class-john-cleese-ronnie-barker-ronnie-corbett/397237257649614/
  3. At least he won’t be shy about telling the Hibs fans about his ability and tactical nous: “I had two hours with Pep Guardiola over the two games, which was great. It wasn’t just me picking his brains, it was 60-40 and he was actually genuinely interested in my ideas.”
  4. It’s interesting how many U24s we have, though not surprising considering the number of age related teams. I wonder how many, who aren’t currently in the first team squad, will make it at Championship level, Leagues 1&2, or National League.
  5. I’m going to say something that may get me banned. I don’t hate Swindon! There, I’ve said it
  6. And Bristol City won the Welsh Cup twice. Man U and Forest haven’t even come close to that
  7. Remember Yeovil v Forest in the playoffs. Yeovil lost 2-0 at home but won 5-2 away http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_2/6649773.stm
  8. He reminds me more of Incy Wincy Spider
  9. Some people complain about Steve Lansdown avoiding tax by living in Guernsey but the truth is obvious. He’s prepared to suffer the hardships of living on this small island so that he can act as City’s Channel Islands chief scout. Well done Steve
  10. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was there and can remember it clearly. For the last ten minutes the team in red played such amazing football (on a par with Brazil at their best) that the opposition just couldn’t get anywhere near the ball. The crowd was spellbound by the exquisite football on display
  11. I don’t care what people sing, long as it’s not “stand up if you hate the Gas”. We should have songs about City, not minnows from Horfield.
  12. Can I just say that I’m fed up with people moaning about people moaning about the moaners
  13. I couldn’t face listening to Radio Bristol so I watched Torquay v Chesterfield. Torquay won 2-0, the sun was shining, Gary Johnson looked very smart in suit and tie and the crowd was singing “Johnson says bounce around the ground”. What more could you ask for
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