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  1. 1. We also loaned out Eisa and Szmodics having played if even a handful of games. Not dissimilar to Watters. 2. Spent over £1.2m+ on TM, don't see us earning back anywhere that figure insofar. 3. Wasn't Walsh around £800k, rising to £1m with installments if I recall rumours at the time correctly?
  2. *Cough* Engvall *Cough* Eisa *Cough* Szmodics *Cough* Walsh *Cough* Moore *Cough*.
  3. I like it. Light hearted release, and like video says, just for a bit of a smile, simple clean kit. No issues from me. I also don't understand why people keep slating O'Dowda. Played out of poisiton near every game last season and still gave 100%. Shock - that without his ball carrying whatever goals we did score utterly dried up when he was replaced by the likes Lansbury, as he was all the pace we effectively had across the entire squad left after Andi's injury.
  4. I'd say COD improved after Pearson came in, before injury. Plus no doubting his effort. Can't be King, James, nor Atkinson or Simpson, as new and/or used to Nige's work ethic and expectations, Baker's done something right to earn a new deal, same for Andi. Younger Players, assume means the likes of Edwards, Scott, Towler, Pearson, Bell, Conway, among others. Bentley's well liked ergo same with Massengo; Kalas, Wells, Nagy have been on international duty. Leaves the likes of Vyner, Moore, Bakinson, DaSilva, Pring, Martin, Williams, Palmer.
  5. Think it's less him not being suited - more the wider issue being as a squad, we lack height and aggression, and the squad balance is poor. We need a hard working rough as nails box to box next to him. Kleinheiser, as an example. Whether Williams can fill that role? We'll see.
  6. Fuber


    - If there was a band wagon I've been on it a lot longer than others. I was always against the clubs in bag approach and wasted signings, especially the rising wages, of which it should noted continued even post LJ with regards to the poor success rate. - His player success rate should only apply against signings he made during his tenure, I.e. 2017 onwards; Bownhill (LJ signing, having managed him at Barnsley), Kodjia, Reid, Bryan, Flint - none are his signings. So we can write those out of the equation. Great negotiations to sell them, but he never had a thing to do identifying them. Butchered negotiations and contracts with the likes of Freeman, Ayling. Barely Broke even and or made losses (as stands) on the likes of Lucic, Baker, Moore, Magnússon, Hunt, DaSilva, Kalas, Palmer, Nagy, Diedhiou, England, Walsh, Djuric, Watkins, Eisa, Adelakun, Wells, Szmodics, and Taylor. Then this season the remit failed completely as we changed tack and signed nothing but experience, with the likes of Brunt, Martin, Lansbury, basically all being a waste. I'll also point out. I've been pointing finger at the fitness and conditioning since Rhys Carr left - who it should be noted has left Sheffield United - and if we're judging staff appointment since Ashton was appointed? - Rolls. Enough said. Those excusing it due to covid need a reminder. It was the ruddy same shit last season. Whose idea was that US preseason tour **** up? - the same person now employed an American consortium at Portman Road. Negotiates a good fee. All he was good at. Bailed out by our academy and SCs signings. LJ complicit in the final 18 months.
  7. Fuber


    I got called out for pointing the finger at the fitness and physio staff by a section of posters here as early as the US pre season tour under LJ, even as things got worse and worse iirc.
  8. Fuber


    What more evidence do you need HR? - All Ashton's appointments following him out the door - almost as if they had stayed they likely would've been found out by NP, or aren't prepared to put work in. - Our horrific injury record since Rhys Carr among others were replaced. - Rolls horrific career record across 4 clubs in regards to fitness, conditioning, and physiotherapy? RH has likely shared a snippet that he thought of interest. What do you want, a leaked recording directly from a mic RH has setup in the brand spanking new offices at our new state of the art training facility and a dossier of photos proving veracity with time stamps? - questioning his integrity as a poster on this forum immediately is a bit of dickish move. I'm glad it's highlighted - as if true, we at least know we've got rid of the complete amateurs and wasted that we're apart of Ashton's brigade. How that gets people 'feeling worse' about the club, god only knows. More a turning a new leaf perspective if you ask me.
  9. Depends. A full pre-season and a couple experienced heads in and around the squad that are outright professionals with a bit of experience could help a huge amount. I.e. (hypothetical) - Bentley, Vyner, Lees, Kalas, Barry Douglas, Matty James *Rumoured*, Massengo, Williams, Semenyo, O'Dowda, Dion Charles (for the sake of it), get fitness levels up with backups for each position, i.e. O'Leary, Towler (Another CB Likely), Simpson, DaSilva, Bakinson, Nagy, Scott, Pearson, Edwards, Wells, Martin. Its not too shabby in theory; as we know from the season before last and this season that Bentley, Kalas, Massengo, Nagy can be solid - and there who I'd build around for next season, granted the latter - if Empoli links are true - looks likely to leave to help cut wages. I wouldn't be too surprised to see Nakhi get moved on (with a significant loss) just to trim the wage budget, loaning in a more mobile out and out striker in replacement on lower wages short term. Barnsley are our case study in how quickly things can turn around at this level with the right backroom changes, and tweaks to training and tactical setups.
  10. Shows how much I cared about where we finished. Same can be said of the squad we finished with.
  11. I'm a bit confused. We just came 20th. How are we arrogant? - I'd snatch someone's hand off for 14th next season and some actual shots on target.
  12. Should have just called it Ashton Hill, after the plantation round the back of the site. Or named after local names, Abbots Park (Abbots Pool nearby), Fenswood, after the nearby farm. Etc.
  13. Imagine if WW2 hadn't interrupted Don Clark's career. Could easily be second on that list. Not forgetting the 42 he scored in 46/47.
  14. He enjoys working with analysts (in additions to scouts) directly who he bounces off, who he considers much more knowledgeable in the under-surface statistics and identifying player traits and habits. I.e. Mahrez at Le Havre.
  15. Its worth noting, while we may not be getting a 'head of recruitment', we likely have scouts on a retainer within the network contracted to the clubs outside of MA's team. Secondly, it merely rules out someone in that position. We could still operate with someone within an advisory capacity, with Pearson - i.e. an agent on retainer directly who works under SL providing NP with a network and helping deal with other agents or players directly, in addition to an advanced scouting setup. I.e. Mendes at Wolves being a very extreme example of such a setup.
  16. Bits in Bold were initiated by Dawe. Ergo he gets zero credit in my book. They were not his ideas.
  17. Id argue that he's never had a run of more than three games in a single position either, which is likely the bigger problem.
  18. Everyone slating O'Dowda but I felt he was one of the few who at least put 100% in. Can't say the same with Pato, Diedhiou, among others. Actually had a few good games before getting crocked.
  19. I think this is a false dawn to be honest. Whole it's free up some wages, we have to keep in mind how much we were already overspending under the tail end of LJs tenure and this season.
  20. 1. Mark Ashton is shit at recruitment. Namely staff. Employing mates. The End.
  21. I'd say Conway and Edwards strike me as good options off the bench for minutes. Pring would be a good option at LB. Cundy's done quite well at Gills. Scotts been better than most other options in the middle with his limited game times. Can see a majority of the rest getting loans to L1/2 I.e. Jannah, Pearson, Bell, Towler, Britton, along others.
  22. Baker - Keep (Reduced terms, otherwise - Gone). Mariappa- Gone Rowe- Gone Hunt- Gone Watkins- Gone Walsh- Keep Simpson- Keep Gilmartin- Gone Lansbury- Gone Diedhiou- Gone Weinmann- Keep Paterson- Gone Adelakun - Gone
  23. Where did Lansbury get promoted? If we're judging by getting the medal based on appearances over the course of the season. I dont count Villa. Season they went up, he played three (yes, 3) games. And was routinely shunted to train with the U23s due to attitude under Smith. Baker was relegated with Villa. Never promoted however. Palmer, at Hudds, correct. Simpson - Twice promoted with Newcastle and QPR. Mapps, unless I'm mistaken, has been relegated twice from PL, but never promoted when actually in a squad. Sessognon scrapes it with 14 appearances in 19-20. No technically about it. In terms of players experiencing, or being apart of a team being promoted at any level, it's Bentley (Southend, L2), Kalas (Middlesbrough, CH, Fulham, CH), Hunt (Huddersfield, L1), Wells (Bradford, L2, Huddersfield, CH), Martin (Norwich, CH), Walsh (Coventry, L1), Watkins (Barnsley, L1), Rowe (Stockport, L2, Peterboro, L1), and I believe that's it. So in summary, in terms of experience of promotion from this level, it's Palmer, Kalas, Wells, Martin.
  24. Fair to say. It's going to be a long, interesting, tough summer.
  25. Not really. I'd give him applause for calling half our frauds out correctly and having the pride in his profession to have a go at other so called professional who have downed tools. Its just an honest assessment. Hard to get upset about it, moreso when it's so accurate.
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