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  1. Best performance from O’Dowda for a long time. If he can stay fit and keep up that level for a decent run of games, opinions about him might start to change. That said he was lucky his shot took a deflection as otherwise it was an easy save for their goalie.
  2. Shouldn’t be that hard a puzzle to solve. It only has 4 pieces! However as a club, we have been trying to fit square pegs in round holes for as long as I can remember so maybe a 4 piece jigsaw is beyond us…
  3. Thanks Dave. it was clear so often in the first half how Barnsley had width and we didn’t. There were times that their wing backs came forward and none of our players were within 25 yards of them. What I also spotted is that when they lost the ball, Barnsley’s front 3 dropped back to get behind the ball and support the 4 man midfield. With just our 3 in midfield it was also impossible to play through, and we didn’t have any width to get past that. By contrast, until the Alamo at the end, Wells and Martin did very little to get back and support the midfield, so again we were outnumbered. I am not suggesting that the forwards should go back into the penalty area unless it’s heading away corners, as Martin proved in those last few minutes, being far too slow and giving the ball away in dangerous areas, but we do need to play as a combined team rather than disparate units that don’t seem to fit together.
  4. We were awful for the first 40 minutes and Barnsley were little better, but they were definitely better at passing and pressing. Their goal was no surprise. In the lead up to our first goal, the crowd had got really angry, and you could both hear and feel it. Whether that got through to Kalas, who was really the instigator of that goal, I don’t know, but he was absolutely fuming about something, shouting at the rest of the team, then a few moments later brought the ball out of defence, passed a couple of their midfielders and then played it forward. It was what the midfield should have been doing but hadn’t all match. The biggest problem remains the midfield. They provide next to no cover for the defence and little creativity for the forwards. Marty James had a shocker today, while Bakinson was weak. At his size, he should be dominating like a Vieira, but he was anything but. Massengo runs himself ragged trying to cover for others and at least tries to play the ball forward. However he has proved again that he has zero shooting ability. Lots to sort out from Pearson and his team, but a win is all important.
  5. Not quite. I was the other one wearing one although I try to get through the concourse as quickly as possible.
  6. Just spotted this as well. Fascinating and given the players that we picked up from Scotland and elsewhere in the late 60s and 70s who became the core of our promotion-winning team, presumably on the basis of his scouting, you could easily suggest we owe him a lot more than many of our fans (including myself) have ever realised.
  7. Isn’t transport part of the Metro mayor’s responsibility? Of course, the Tories in North Somerset didn’t want to be part of the “West of England” because it would be too “Bristol-centric” and then Marvin blocked them joining more recently because he didn’t want them hijacking funding. Its the usual spats in local government worsened by having 4 relatively small unitary authorities who struggle to see eye-to-eye on anything, so not much ever gets done. It’s what did for the tram project between Bristol and South Glos. That said it was little better under Avon…
  8. Apparently the money in the West of England is for a “fully prioritised” bus route between Bristol and Bath, whatever that really means. I am guessing more roadworks, and bus lanes, although how that works through somewhere like Saltford I have no idea. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-59017503 Of course, there is a decent rail line between the 2 cities that could have a few new stations added, and avoid any of the road traffic issues, but that would be too obvious!
  9. Only being a bit cynical but that’s just slightly more than they “saved” by “postponing” (I.e. cancelling) the electrification of the Great Western lines to Temple Meads, Oxford and Swansea a few years ago. From an environmental perspective, given we really need to electrify all of our railways, it made no sense, and as per usual it’s Bristol that gets shafted. Also from a passenger perspective, it’s now come out that when the hybrid trains run on diesel, passengers on board experience the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide (a pollutant) of any rail passengers in the country. Thanks again Mr Grayling and the Tories - slower, more expensive trains, that pollute more and put the passengers at additional risk, to save less than 1% of the overall cost of HS2.
  10. I would imagine that they would get paid off the equivalent of 12 months salary. That seems to be about standard. And given that some players in the championship earn £20k+ PER WEEK, then £150k per annum might seem excessive compared to average earnings but in football terms it’s not so significant. You can argue that’s wrong, but that’s the economics of football as things stand.
  11. Msrvin’s biggest “achievement” so far has been to cancel the arena, leaving a bridge to nowhere, plus an area cleared and detoxified for a few more blocks of student flats, and supposedly an exhibition centre. No sign of anything so far. Plus he has a few questions to answer with regard to his involvement with the developers of Filton airfield and the supposed Brabazon arena. In the meantime, in part due to his decisions to divert investment away from it, the centre of Bristol is slowly dying (M&S latest to leave Broadmead) and Marvin has no answers to reverse the trend. As for his proposal of an underground in Bristol, it would suggest that he has no idea of the city’s geography, plus it would cost billions that will never come from the Treasury. Less a tube dream more a pipe dream!
  12. I would suggest that NP still isn’t quite sure which combination of players gives the right balance between any sort of an attack and being able to defend. Can you have Wells, Martin and Weimann as a front 3? What is our best midfield combination if all the players were fit? Do we need 2 or 3 central defenders? I still think having Bentley as captain is the wrong call as well. Usually you would say a goalkeeper isn’t involved much in the game, so it’s not a good idea. In Bentley’s case, he is too regularly having to focus so much on his own performance to even keep us in games that again it doesn’t seem a good fit.
  13. Dr Fox fuming? I don’t see why. Surely he should understand that this is Tory party policy under Johnson. Screw the people who have voted for you (especially if they aren’t in the North) and suggest that things failing to happen is someone else’s fault. Tip to North Somerset voters: if you want better services and more infrastructure (other than more ****ing stupid tinkering with that bloody Junction 19 roundabout) then don’t keep electing a Tory MP, helping them to win elections. Simples!
  14. Dr Balls


    The tactics encourage teams to keep attacking us later in games as we get deeper and deeper. So the chances of conceding late are already increased. Then we have the questionable mentality and confidence, which will now be even shakier than ever. Unless we are 2-0 up going into injury time, you can forget us winning at home anytime soon.
  15. So the take away from this is that the more we pass the more likely we are to lose?!
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