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  1. I thought this was a wind up, did this actually happen??
  2. So the 6th richest club in the country have spent £0.00 in the transfer market!! It begs the question of what's the point of willy waving about having a "rich" owner when he doesn't spend any of his ££££??? From perusing Gaschat they seem to think it's a badge of honour to not spend any money as it shows how brilliant DC is as a manager and how careful Wael is as an owner? Will be interesting to see what they say if skirting with relegation by Christmas. And another thing while I'm here, the arrogance of their fans thinking because they showed up at Chelsea and gave them a game, and took some fans, that Chelsea have selected them worthy of having some loan players? Really???
  3. The irony of Rovers fans boasting about either thier attendances or laughing about our attendances blows my mind every time! Yet it continues year after year! Most teams from the lower leagues would take 4K to Chelsea in the cup and I'm pretty sure most teams do, so why is it being made into such a big deal by them? They should be angry and embarrassed that only 4K turned up to the first round match at home! And they call us plastic!
  4. For me the best atmospheres are at the games when there is some pressure to win, we play well, and the game is good. Other than that it can often be flat, but 27k and the above conditions are right and it will be electric
  5. You can't beat a Rovers fan trying to mock City about attendances! The irony of it is rediculous!
  6. My bad i forgot they are the 6th richest club but only in England, so just after United, Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool, apologies
  7. Strange no Rovers in the list??? How could Forbes miss them out? http://talksport.com/football/revealed-most-valuable-football-clubs-world-2016-featuring-arsenal-chelsea-and-manchester#d8ErSb0pe2Pi0Ife.03
  8. The test on restructuring properly/not spending money will be if you struggle next season and you need to spend in order to stay up. League 1 isn't a quality division but it's tough, as many bigger clubs will testify, personally I would prefer to take things into my own hands and sign some proven quality upfront to give every chance of success, it's a gamble to not do that and rely on the team spirit in place, which can easily disappear with a poor start (see us last season)
  9. My Rovers mate said only last night that they were the 6th richest club in the country, and he believes it. I pointed out that if he's that rich why is he not splashing any cash on the team to help get to the championship??? No point being the 6th richest club if you don't spend anything!
  10. Weird saying that it will 'hopefully' increase their capacity reintroducing the South West Stand?? Either it will or it won't surely?
  11. Oh no this thread is going to turn into Life of Bryan quotes I can feel it!!!
  12. I can see it now, they beat Villa pre-season, we lose to Villa in the league = Rovers are better than City #gaslogic
  13. I look forward to DC getting the boot in 6 months when they are bottom at Xmas, thinking about what could have been at Leeds Utd
  14. To be fair I delivered the Observer about 20 years ago, used to love getting the extra leaflets as that = £££
  15. The Bristol Observer doesn't deliver itself
  16. Rovers fans seem to want DC to show loyalty to Rovers, to see the job through, keep learning your trade etc etc but if they start League 1 badly next season he could easily be gone by Christmas and what then for him? If DC is half as good a manager as the Rovers fans say he is, then he doesn't need to worry about having a dodgy Leeds chairman, cause he will be successful, and at the end of the day Leeds have not been successful for years. He has also worked under a dodgy Chairman at Rovers for the last 2 years and it went ok, so a bit of a non argument. DC can't do anymore with Rovers in their current state, terrible stadium, no prospect of a new one for at least 3 years, the sensible decision is to cash in your chips now DC if a bigger club comes in, the opportunity may never come up again. Plus it would amuse me greatly, as I wouldn't like to come into Rovers now with players all out of contract, selling their top striker etc etc could be very tough
  17. There is no way DC will turn down Leeds Utd, a fantastic opportunity regardless of the owner. He's had an amazing run at Rovers and all it takes is a bad run in League 1 and he could be out on his ear with no chance of attracting the attention of a club the size of Leeds Utd again.
  18. Not to mention Bournemouth and Brentford
  19. Possession almost the same but shots on goal 30 - 9!
  20. If Rovers win and Accy draw Rovers beat them on goal difference
  21. You could probably say they have a 1 in 4 chance of getting promoted through the play offs
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