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  1. I didn’t mention potential!! I think he’s a good player already, although he has some flaws too…but I don’t think he suits the way we currently play. And that’s the crux of the issue imho. It is all about opinions as you say.
  2. Jeez, that’s terrible. One of the best CBs I saw for City (relative to the league we were in). Hope he somehow pulls through.
  3. Cheers @Manor Born, good to get an impartial opinion. I read your forum thread on Sykes, and it resembled several threads on here…many of which you need to cut through a lot of crap to get a feel for a player.
  4. https://www.wearehullcity.co.uk/news/2022/may/membership-update/
  5. Yes, of course they do, but you also have control over numbers, you know who has attended, etc. With CCTV you can start to spot the offenders, etc. That’s the reasoning of progressive restrictions.
  6. I was too….as long as it was alongside not allowing them to stay in our domestic league too.
  7. That was enjoyable. Good to get Honor’s pro view on Chris Martin’s headers volume…that many come from throw-ins, something I’d mentioned from his Wyscout pitch maps. Must take @NcnsBcfcto task re Massengo . We actually agree that he’s more suited to a European style, but we do disagree on his levels! Re Idehen at LB and digressing from the point slightly, although for City first team and Grimsby he has predominantly played as the left centre back, he has been playing right centre back for the u23s. With 3 left footed CBs (Idehen, Towler and Wood) Duncan had been RCB, Towler LCB and Wood LB.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61520318 Mr P - suggests that Reading are still under control of contract offers by EFL. Hoilett, Swift and Morrison likely to be the high earners, unlike Rinomhota, Laurent etc.
  9. yep, reduce capacity, season card holders only, behind closed doors etc. second breach, points deductions, etc.
  10. Yep, a calculated decision to be a complete ****….far beyond failure to meet FFP rules.
  11. That is a horrible tackle.
  12. Just listened to both the announcement press conference and his first interview. It looks like a good fit. A couple of Brentisms, but a bit more humility too.
  13. I fly to Edinburgh on Monday….result!!!
  14. I actually think it’s a good appointment for both of them.
  15. A magic sponge for magic daps!!!
  16. Kieran Maguire’s POF podcast this morning was interesting. Suggesting that the 25% (35% / 3 years) will be net and points deduction avoided. However he suggested (paraphrased) that this will be separate to what will be agreed with HMRC, where he expects a “haircut”. But I interpreted this as not a “number 1 all over”….perhaps a payment plan for most of it over a longer period. I’m only guessing but for example 80% over 10 years. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-price-of-football/id1482886394?i=1000562392467 Be interested in the view of the wise sages on here?
  17. I’ve seen this before, but thought I’d share. Absolutely brilliant.
  18. You probably know this already, but SkillCorner is what City are using for their physical performance data.
  19. I liked their CM #39 and LB #48. The LB in particular played like a senior pro. Found out he is Josh Reid, 20, signed from Ross County for an undisclosed fee (rumours of £300k and upwards). The CM is 18 year old Ryan Holley. Tavares was obviously very tidy, has played in their first team, signed from Rochdale.
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