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  1. Yes, saw that afterwards. Doing it to wind Gregor up
  2. Think everyone had decent games. Thought Williams and Nagy were excellent, encouraging display from Pring, whilst Scott glides around effortlessly. Said last game that this pre-season regime is not about getting players 45s, or 60s and 30s, but testing their ability to play 90. Amazing how many teams go into the first league match without hardly any players completing 90 minutes pre-season…becomes a journey into the unknown. 21 players have managed a 90 minute match so far, a few more than 1.
  3. 4-0, Wells tap-in from Kalas header (Scott corner)
  4. Fantastic 40 yard run by Bell, saved by keeper (great save)
  5. Some good habits forming over the first 80 mins.
  6. building his minutes id suggest
  7. Taylor Moore having a good game aerially.
  8. Yes, Nagy gone inside to swap with Williams (subbed)
  9. Strikeeeeeeee!!!! Adam Nagy
  10. big miss by Seymour as they cut us open
  11. amazing save from Lee from Williams 25 yarder after saving Nagy's shot. and again. another corner
  12. they aren't better than us....FACT
  13. Wells hacked down....pen....lovely reverse pass from Scott. Bakinson 2-0
  14. the Norman Collier of streams.....thats not Norman Hunter nor Gary Collier!!!!
  15. Penalty, keeper whacks Bakinson
  16. Two great “open outs” from Williams so far…spinning and pinging Pring, from right to left.
  17. No captain listed on the Exeter team sheet today.
  18. Lets see if Nige deviates from the 442 he's employed in each game. The Portsmouth game Palmer was almost playing like a Secondary Striker than a no10. Looking forward to seeing Nagy on the right, if that's where he plays.
  19. Different companies use different data variables to others. Some are more sophisticated in what variables they use. That can cause differences. To give a bad example, Kasey Palmer’s goal from the corner v Swansea in most xG models was <0.01, e.g. very unlikely. Another company scored it really high (0.33)….because they had very limited number of events that they classed as shots from that spot…and therefore of the 3 they tracked, 1 was a goal. Correct. The best example is a penalty. Most xG models use 0.76, e.g. of 100 penalties in a sample, 76 end up as goals.
  20. Cool. I see all kind of stuff on twitter and think I’m alone
  21. You’ve got it sussed. I use it for two things: 1. How good a chance it was on a purely individual basis. People say it was a half-chance, when the xG is something like 0.1!!! 2. I use X361 or Wyscout xG timelines to show flow of chances, and when these take places, e.g. in clusters, or regular, or in City’s case, rarely!!! I never use them to suggest a team should win or lose. I might suggest a team was a bit lucky or unlucky to get a result based on chances created. It’s probably a bit better than looking purely at shots on target.
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