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  1. I bought my three game deal and just like watching my team regardless of it being a friendly and nothing on it . It’s been very nice to get aquatinted with the team and new boys . Some of the footballs been tidy enough. Some players need to show Nige something different .
  2. I’m not one to stand at games due to health problems but I really do help we get the guys standing and we get an atmosphere at the gate that’s been lacking since we left the Atyeo .
  3. Renewed and glad I did . A little feeling that this will be a good season full of attacking football . New striker would be nice . .
  4. All about opinion I suppose . If you play for your country you have something . As for slagging off players or not rating them this happens at every club and not unique to us . I think Nagy is a nice player who maybe is a little inconsistent. His role is quite unspectacular but vital in the way we play .,
  5. Brilliant to see the boys back in action and preseason is underway . Great to see a couple of longtermers back playing . Love the new home shirt .
  6. Each to their own I suppose . Here’s hoping my country can win the Euros as we have a fantastic group of players , management , who are working them socks off
  7. I think he’s a very good manager and I wish him luck at Spurs as it’s a tough job . His team will play lovely attractive football though !!
  8. I shall be watching at home in my comfy chair !!
  9. Certainly haven’t taken mine
  10. A wealth of experience has the big man but we’ve already got Nige and he’s got the two others
  11. I would love to see Sir Elton but simply can’t afford it, I will however be sat in the Park with a lovely picnic and the Mrs and pretend to be inside . If I had the cash of would’ve paid .
  12. No one wins a war . Humanity loses. Germany and Japans economy
  13. Hopefully we pull a Prem team
  14. Let’s be fair about Adam Nagy … he’s no Dave Martin
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