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  1. Fair to play to them what a Saturday yesterday must’ve been . It brings them a season closer to a derby . They’ve had a terrible time the supporters so pleased for them .
  2. The more buzz around the players the better if your going to sell them on . We are a selling club with massive debts so I expect at least one of our most saleable assets to be sold . I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wieman go as he’s a goal scorer at this level
  3. Just goes to show that Sky like our fan base know we are dire !!!
  4. A lot of admiration for this guy . Very switched on . Would’ve liked to see him get our job but unfortunately he’s too much of a character for Steve and his mates. Fantastic CV . Love all the gamesmanship his teams had .
  5. I really enjoyed Danny Wilsons teams for the way we played total football. The experience was a joyous one unlike what we’ve experienced since the latter end of LJ
  6. shelts


    I’ve been told he celebrated and was pounced upon by City supporters , no mention of him hitting an elderly gent .
  7. I’d like to see a different team from those we’ve played in recent times , Everton the people’s club would be my shout .
  8. Things got soo bad but me thinks we are on an upward trajectory. My main concern is keeping Nigel to finish what he started. The summer will be interesting and I hope he gets the backing .
  9. Two adults going for Sunday . PM if you want them. Thanks in advance
  10. Build a side round him !
  11. We paid a lot of money for him and at the time we had a love in with Chelsea. Needs to play with a ball winner. Covers the ground well mopping up and usually ends up on his arse! Our John Terry albeit without the shagging !!
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