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  1. It want as good as I thought it would be.
  2. Yes, but he somehow got himself onboard starship enterprise allowance scheme, with a prince of wales award for supplying Valium and amphetamines. That must be grounds for sanctions.
  3. Moshiri the Unstoppable Sex Machine?
  4. There’s a a double hat-trick of own goals here from 3.15. Lucky old Smethwicks! https://youtu.be/IP4BrdLGz7E
  5. I’m hoping to get my nephew to run onto the pitch and ask for one of their Range Rovers.
  6. Ring


    Shouldn’t that say “we can get a 0-0 draw from this”?
  7. They also used to have “The Findus Family Stand”. With the advent of the internet, they probably said “Findus on Facebook”.
  8. Although it’s more accurate, “The Underperforming Centre” may not be quite as popular with the owner.
  9. Good things about Swindon 1. Diana Dors was born in Swindon but was wise enough to leave 2. Shaun Taylor left Swindon to come to Bristol City Bad things about Swindon All other statements relating to Swindon
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