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  1. I hate it. Really genuinely hate it. Every time i see it on social media I suffer kit rage. Never thought the day would come where i hate a city home kit. I hope this is a once in a life time experience. End of first world problem rant.
  2. Qpr.....worst thing about living in another country
  3. When I put them in the bet, I wasn't expecting that price.. Better commit to Xmas then
  4. In order for it not to be a thing, first it has to be a thing, and celebrated. Hopefully 10 years from now, this will be looked upon as a basecamp moment on the road to normality and acceptance, and as a result irrelevance.
  5. Had its day.... Wow I mean wow I'll get my coat
  6. Wow only 12 points lost.. (7 unique occasions) I mean "only" That can't be in line with league average, it just can't. There was a moment this season where instead of having the urge to chuck my phone out the window, I was laughing at the ridiculousness of it. 12 points is somewhat surprising 7 unique occasions - 46 games (15% of games) P. S thanks for the info, appreciated
  7. I'm guess the last 15 minutes stat comes from points won and points lost ...... Because it feels like a hell of a lot more. If we talk about points dropped from winning positions in the last 5 minutes, I would be shocked if it wasn't over 15 points.
  8. 40 mins, stop the clock. Players would soon stop all this messing about if they realised it made no difference. What happened after real scored in injury time was beyond a joke. Taking momentum out of a game has always been more or less tolerated, but its gone too far now, games at elite level literally die. As an aside.... Now that's another level
  9. The silly thing is they can literally stop you using the city APP with a VPN if they so choose. Bbc Iplayer used to do this, then stopped for reasons i don't fully understand. But useful for me. Paddy Power, doesn't allow any vpn use. There are a number of sites, that while they can't tell where you trying to gain access from, they prohibit access via a VPN. If they wanted to, they could do it. With SKYGO, I have a similar problem, (their system is a little different) but skybet no issue (I wonder why)
  10. It's been the same for the last few years. They keep trying to change, but when the results fade, or pressure kicks in, they revert to type. They were favourites for the league this year, they were no longer the underdogs, and it got to them. They tried to dominate but kept letting in sloppy goals. every year for the last few years, they'll stsrt with a possession based game etc, but the moment results fade, the term identidy crisis comes in and they revert to type. Thing is they no longer have to the players to just sit in, as they'll always give chances. But how to change the very fabric of a club, they are the underdog, they are against the world, to change won't just happen in 5 minutes, or even a season. It has to be built on slowly. It's for this very reason simeone will probably leave soon. He absolutely wants to be the one to change it, but every loss like that leads to massive reflection, and what he wants is atletico to succeed even if not him. He'll always be way beyond a legend there. And when simeone goes, who do you get in? They aren't absolute top year, nor are they second tier, they are a 1.5 level club. Managers see themselves as too good, or they see managers as a step down. Personally I think they'll go for emery as he offers them opportunity in the one tournament they truly crave.
  11. 100% and you can't appreciate how loud it really is in there on TV. At times you can't hear yourself think. And I can promise you, if atletico ever go down again, the following season they'll have more season ticket sells, not less. (this happened last time) it would be a call to arms. Atletico are many things, but plastic fans, absolutely not.
  12. Watched the game while at the driving range today; conceding yet another last min goal led to so much frustration, I hit my 3 iron 15 yards further than my previous shot. Not only that, I added 11 yards to my 3 iron PB. Now that's how you put last minute nonsense to good use.
  13. https://youtu.be/D05EmdlsM0A Personally, one on the back post. And leave 1 up. Keepers always have a better chance at the near post. It's the back post ones that do them more often. Not to mention the back post guy can see the whole play so knows exactly when to push out. Man post - kicker. Leave 1 up - 2 back for them. That in principle leaves you 1 Free, for the short corner
  14. A bit off topic, personally I would do it before the first game of the season. 1 minutes applause, with the names of those sadly passed since the start of the previous season shown on the big screen. I think it's the best way to show respect to those who connect us all.
  15. Don't be seduced by the pizza though, that's for the South of the country. Its decent without being spectacular Rome or north. (food wise, pizza has been my only disappointment on 3 Italian visits, but as I've been told by friends from the South, "in the North they don't understand pizza)
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