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  1. We will have to wait and see, but pearson could really do with some early wins to shake off last seasons results. id really like to see a quality striker come in, i dont think wells and martin are up to it, but who that may be, if anyone, ive no idea at this point??
  2. If its publicised who he is before the game at ag, he could be in for a big reception!
  3. Amen!! We still get excited trying to predict the start of the season, but if the euros and last season taught us anything, is that where england and bristol city are concerned, if theres a way to balls it up, we will find it
  4. Hmm, well the number of games williams has played he can be excusedfor being out of step, but we cant be going into league games with that not being razor sharp.
  5. Just listened to the joe williams interview, great to have him back, but hes clearly suggesting theres some confusion regarding the press, and whether we are all in, or going in 1s and 2s. Is this not something that should have been implemented back when pearson came in?
  6. Yes; 20man should stay reporting bristol sport, but if anyone else does it then they are low down the sporting journalism totem pole.
  7. so twentyman shouldnt have to move but gregor is a local hack who is low down the list of sports journalists because hes in bristol? Perhaps he is happy with his job as well?
  8. We all had to start somewhere, 20man is highly regarded by most on here and has been working in local bristol radio for years, and hasnt made it up higher in the sports journalist league. for someone who is covering the club, he is putting out fresh content on the website everyday, and regularly asking lots of questions of pearson who he knows can be difficult to deal with. If pearson as a young pro was regularly getting torn apart by an experienced older journalist as he was coming through im sure he wouldnt have appreciated it.
  9. I think its more of the old boys/ players club from the same era, with a bit of mutual respect. apart from gregors interview with kalas last season which went wrong quickly, i think he does try to ask the questions that people want answering, and does a decent job. From pearsons point of view he has all sorts of sensitive information to protect, from injured players to potential new signings or departures, but most of the time im watching his interviews from behind the sofa, waiting for what he will come out with next,, and not in a good way,,, its borderline bullying of a younger, less alpha male character and isnt really necessary. thing is though, thats all very good if you are flying high and winning lots of games,, and with a fully fit squad with some of his old leicester lads brought in, we really need to be competitive from game 1 of the new season.
  10. That ellen white certainly likes scoring goals, can we get her up front next season?
  11. Yeah, i kinda think that kalas will take offence if the captaincy is removed?
  12. Goal! Excellent finish from weimann!
  13. Yes, martin just isnt mobile enough, the triallist for portsmouth looks pretty useful though!
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