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  1. Maybe he thinks you are on the board of the club or in some advisory capacity? chris wilder is the obvious name that we should have gone for.
  2. We could transfer the old tinman is a shithead song over to him? Though that does seem a but sacrilegious
  3. Wish him well, obviously hope this isnt forced by his health issue, and that he will remain well physically
  4. Yeah, for post covid contracts, weimann and baker will be on fairly significant contracts, which could obviously have been used for anyone out of contract last summer. Such a shame that the likes of cod, palmer, and wells are all on pre covid contracts and will be around until at least the end of this season
  5. He also re- signed baker and weimann who will both be on decent wages too, plus simpson. im also in favour of selling anyone we can get money for to get a decent striker in, but im not sure we would get all the money to spend if we did that.
  6. Realistically flogging him scott and massengo is the only way we have to raise funds
  7. To be fair, tanner atkinson and james are his, and he sanctioned the new contracts for weimann and baker, so thats 5/11 of tonights team.
  8. Well we cant play possession And barely managed to string a few passes together in the forest half
  9. You dont think pearson is setting us up to try and waste time, kill the game and and play hoof ball to play percentages?
  10. Nearly a year of this nigel pearson crap,,, cant keep possession, game plan involves kicking it long and see if theres a rebound or mistake. Absolutely pathetic!
  11. This is total crap,,, we have shown zero will to win and barely compete… absolutely pathetic
  12. Well managed to get sky to work,,,, think i might turn it off again though…. This standard of ‘football’ is absolutely disgraceful
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