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  1. Dyche did a great job there, but with selling their best striker to a rival, anyone was going to struggle with an already weak squad. His time had come otherwise they were going down anyway, hopefully they survive and leeds get relegated!
  2. If they were to keep the kits for 2 seasons that would be a decent gesture to the supporters.
  3. Was about to say the same thing, hes immense!
  4. You would think we would learn, but 20 years or so later and we are still in that situation,, how can that be?
  5. Just listened to it, i think the joe williams comments about his availability are slightly misleading, he may have been available in theory, but clearly no one was willing to risk him in midweek games if he had played the previous weekend! we need to see now what happens with our defence next season, cause unless that’s significantly improved then all the straight talking wont be of much benefit. The baker situation needs to be resolved, along with the obvious 4 he’s referring to, plus massengo bentley and kalas who all have transfer value and could leave for nothing in a year.
  6. Good luck to cod, but thats very little end product in 6 years, he arguably didnt have the impact to have his contract renewed last time.
  7. He was here when we beat man united and gave man city a hell of a game. I wish him well but if he gets a new contract we might as well give up.
  8. Anyone would think the locals moved in before the large football stadium was built there and have had to out up with the traffic ever since
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