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  1. Jordan approves Speaks or amount of potential at BCFC and says if NP and our Board can work together Pearson is the sort of manager who would get us promoted next season
  2. Found this article / interview about/with Pearson An interesting read , and gives an excellent insight, into the man , and his management ethos Reccomended https://fcbusiness.co.uk/news/managing-in-the-modern-game-nigel-pearson-the-leader/
  3. They said a slight delay , as Steve was managing an incident at Ashton Gate where an unamed employee has been found , Wedged head first down a toilet in a cubicle under the South Stand
  4. Glen Hoddle is the best brain in English football 86 - always fascinating to listen to
  5. Doesn’t matter anyway Cotswold , it doesn’t interfere with those not interested Im glad that so many were so helpful - Enjoy Sky
  6. Great to listen to - sharp as a razor , doesn’t sit on the fence , and intelligent speaks buckets of sense on a multitude of subjects
  7. OTIB at it’s helpful best , with not one whinging ‘Why does this get asked every week’ or similar Yet
  8. It wouldn’t shock me if it ended in tears , wither through a clash of personalities, or Pearson being taken by a better job in the summer However it’s absolutely the right appointment for me and going to enjoy it for what it is and the potential if it lasts I would hope that Steve sits down one to one with Pearson (Possibly with Jon ) art some point , when he can , and has a deep and honest chat , and develop a bond and trust, in both directions Great opportunity for you Nigel , I will back you financially , and give a you time to really build something -
  9. Anyone listening / know whether he’s been on yet ?
  10. Top Man Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Basssssssssso Adriano Basso @Adriano_Basso16 Replying to @BristolCity That is the best news, I receive in the last 10 years in BCFC. Nigel is the perfect man to take Bristol City where,this great club deserves to be, PREMIER LEAGUE
  11. His head won’t be in Teeside or Istanbul It will be half way up his colon If Warnock stays at Boro and Diedhiou hops off there , he’s going to have a shock , if he wanders around like he’s done here in a number of spells
  12. Blimey , you say you’d pick Diedhiou over him every time , and then describe Diedhiou to a tee ’ needs get his head out his arse and change his mindset completely. He needs to show hunger to play football’
  13. The press reports suggest Pearson expressed an interest but who knows
  14. ( Understand your thoughts ) But the best thing is , Pearson himself certainly won’t (Assuming he stays)
  15. Yes , sad really Ironically I think Holden and Pearson would have got on had Pearson come in the summer
  16. No talk from the man until Weds then , understandable ‘Pearson will formally take over on Wednesday before conducting media interviews later that day ‘ Lets hope it’s not , ‘ I said to Mr Lansdown after watching the game last night, sorry , I can do major problems , but even I can’t do miracles ‘
  17. Clever in his running Makes lots of unselfish runs to benefit others He doesn’t just run for the sake of it
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