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  1. In my lifetime we’ve appointed two managers who I thought in time could get City back in top division Coppell was , ironically , one Pearson now the second
  2. In fairness Ska , and I know that still is doing the rounds , but he was sat there shouting at that moment , that’s why his mouth is open on the still
  3. Scenes , when Pearson is shown the new training ground and tells Steve ’ Not bad , but could do with updating ‘
  4. Tonight’s Call MA ’ Hi Steve , just to update you , I’ve got the process pencilled out and will start making some calls early this week , I’ve had a chat with Apps , and have some other excellent candidates who will fit the plan and who we can interview through the process stages , you know my track record , Aidy , Brendan etc and my vigorous processes , that sound good ?’ SL ‘**** off Mark I’ve appointed Pearson ‘ Line goes dead
  5. Would think it mutually suits Gives Pearson a look at us and being realistic also keeps him available in the Summer for other jobs
  6. Better appointment (potentially at least ) than Cook IMHO Fordy Sort Of Appointment that either goes **** up in weeks or is a very successful one Ashtons reaction
  7. Just been discussed on Talksport with Alex Crook a reliable reporter for them stating that Pearson has verbally agreed Apparently contacted Bournemouth who didn’t give him an interview Crook thinks Pearson a very good appointment and Bournemouth would have been better to have taken him Crook was talking to Darren Bent who said ‘One of the best managers I played for’ (At Derby) ‘ Straight down line ‘ ‘ Intimidating ‘ ‘Tells you what he wants , and not interested whether you buy into it or not ‘ ‘If you don’t do it what he asks you are getting it both barrels ‘ Bring it on
  8. I’d suggest not only within the squad but across the Club department - department The Kalas And Simpson Interviews are car crashes Club wise Looks like fires have broken out all over the Club ‘ No blame culture ‘ mind For a multi million pound business its like 6 yr old having his first go on Football Manager Good job we have a highly paid man in charge of ‘All football matters’ to prevent it , oops sorry .... sort it out And a Chairman right there with his finger on the pulse Has Steve Lansdown not seen the smoke rising , for months , or has it been hidden from him / he’s been lied to ? Taking your eye of the ball doesn’t touch it Mr Lansdown Your son has done a bunk and Ashton’s Empire is melting down Can Ashton really survive this ?
  9. That’s it The Bristol City Problem and pitiful attitude , for decades , in one post Ohhhhh it’s ok because xxxx (Particularly if it’s the fewers ) are worse than us Embarrassing - You should get a place on the Board
  10. Totally agree But be assured , Mark ‘ knows the market ‘ so all that’s unnecessary
  11. Sheltons Army


    Spot on I said elsewhere - looks like 11 trialists , rejected by League One Clubs , thrown together 10 mins before kick off
  12. Bit strong Steve Your interview last night was much more measured
  13. They covered that this week ‘We don’t do business / talk behind people’s backs ‘ Good humans innit
  14. Only if part of it’s in CAPITALS Theres a competition tonight to start as many new threads about subjects extensively discussed already in their own other threads
  15. This is the poster 23 July Hughton deal done - announced tomorrow Hughton deal done - will be announced after weekend 26 July Do you think we could attract Eddie Howe
  16. Would be a bit strange , as a few weeks later Holden was stating that Walsh was integral to his plans
  17. How’s the infinity pool plans coming along Jon ?
  18. Always good to have new threads on new subjects
  19. Huddersfield had 22 just in the second half against us too ! ***** me
  20. I was taking the p out of contributions on another thread Numero
  21. I agree insomuch first and foremost it has to be the right appointment A panicked rushed decision could be even more disastrous and likely to still end up in relegation
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