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  1. Staggering isn’t it - If a fan alleged what Simpson alluded to it would be unanimously called out as b******t as it would be so unbelievable
  2. ‘ Doesn’t go to many games’ , ‘ doesn’t watch much ‘ , ‘missed the owners interview’ A Finger on the button sort Not after a whole can of Carlsberg though
  3. ‘ procrastinator’ Word of the week ️
  4. Yes - he’s on a ICU ward in Solihull
  5. There’s two parties have a say in that decision
  6. So all mouth then Im waiting for you to commit to providing CHSW a nice easy £100
  7. How about a £100 bet that Maggie is a member of this forum Kermit Loser pays to CHSW ?
  8. Any idea who might be hot favourite for the 🛎 end Shield ?
  9. Well as his he and wife were on this forum for some years In not sure What I am sure is that you calling other posters muppets is somewhat ironic ********* And I ain’t your ‘mate’
  10. You know him personally , Kermit do you ?
  11. 1-0 down at home to Barnsley and we don’t even go at it ...... not a single shot on target second half ..... Zilch If it wasn’t so pitiful and embarrassing it would be funny
  12. Can’t be done - you can’t add bonuses mid season
  13. 13 Appointing Emma Hayes according to a fair few Maybe she can bring Fran Kirby
  14. Couldn’t this just go on SL interview thread - new threads constantly appearing in the same core sunjects
  15. Not the man for a relegation scrap that’s for sure
  16. Agreed - as 2015 pointed out the real worry is it appears a lack of harmony , possibly more , within the squad That screams relegation
  17. Bit of ‘we are doing our job’ , about time the rest did Some validity in that but Watford indicates it’s not that simple Lots of last ditch defending but nigh in zero organisation even between themselves
  18. Assuming that’s genuine That , coming from our Captain should be going off like a nuclear warning to anyone , who thinks we arn’t in deep **** Wow
  19. Johnson had 4 1/2 years to find a plan , to stick to it , and recruit to it He did none of the three He assembled and left us with a squad of weak willed misfits , every club in the bag plus spares , all made of plastic Success ? Compared to Holden , probably , but in real terms No
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