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  1. Another situation (and decision IMO) handled by this current shambles of a Club There is becoming quite a list Embarrassing
  2. Spent more time in the gym than the players when he was our manager
  3. A 'vision' of self sustainability (Good Luck with that at this Level Steve) Find and get good football people to advise you on the football decisions Mr L ........................... and listen to them Take a Graham Souness or similar out for dinner and broach a consultancy role
  4. I also think Ian talks with passion and facts - I enjoy his input as with the other contributors
  5. Agree o both points Weve sniffed arouind Harrison for 2/3 yrs and a shame we didnt get him One of my players of season in Champ - outstanding every time I saw him Weve also looked at Morsy before
  6. Totally agree At worst , a good solid honest pro If we were to end up in a dogfight it wouldn't be because we've given Korey a new deal And we would need him And with recent events , if we let him go , who do people seriously think we are going to replace him with (If we could get him, which I doubt , and afford him , Harrison Reid would be an outstanding signing)
  7. If you actually think its Ashtons (Whatever your view of him) decision as opposed tp SL or Junior youre crackers Do you believe after a worldwide search LJ was Ashtons genuine belief and reccomendation ?
  8. What we wont get with DH if the rumour is true. at least is a lack of bluff and bull that we were dished up by his predecessor Ive spoken to him a few times and hes a decent guy and far less ego, or any at all, a positive after the recently departed But with due respect me or you could have stepped in after Johnson for a few games and given them some freedom with nothing to lose Bear in mind that 'the players want him' is often the wrong message in football
  9. Katy Price has never seen her feet
  10. I hope he does So yours is based on (your views) of a tiny handful of games as a stand in Out of interest which 5 players btw
  11. Difficult to say But 'be assured' it will only be after a thorough and worldwide, rigorous process , trawling every pond Welcome Cole Skuse
  12. 'I also think DH will push for the play-offs playing more attractive football than LJ' Based on ?? Blind hope ?
  13. Im awaiting confirmation before deciding what im going to do Your misty eyed views on anything the Club do are in some ways admirable but mine have worn more than thin for me now
  14. Yes Millions...................Mainly covering his own crap decisions employing the underperforming
  15. excellent Have you renewed your season ticket for next sesaon ?
  16. Lee Johnson appointed (Poor decision in my opinion) Lee Johnson dismissed (Good decision in my opinion albeit after too much blind faith) So an opportunity on the table to deliver the next stage / level of the much vaunted 'project' (Any competent Club will have been prepared for any change ....ohhhhhhhhhh) If the information about Holden is true one of the most staggering decisions Ive witnessed in half a century of City So thats the fans fault for wanting the bluffer out ? Wow Oe things for sure Ive not seen the extreme level of anger amongst the fanbase in my years of City With the Lansdowns receiving sustained floods of criticism , and much more, on social media they arnt gonna be happy, and I expect SL to have the hump again - I hope for McGregors sake he is at least accurate in his information as hes likely to be finished in Bristol both with the Club and the fanbase if hes started a monumental s***storm without foundation
  17. You are the second person to spout this type of comment And As somebody whose trailed the UK supporting City for probably as many years as you I actually hope people like you and the other sneering 'Superfans' end up sat in a small group huddled together in the Lansdown watching us struggling at home to Accrington Stanley Id have a blind that bet the 'Gas Destroyer'' actually has , and displayed, more PASSION for the Club than people like you ever have
  18. As a supporter for a similar vintage to yourself , Id like to say Ive really enjoyed your podcast discussions and the way you host the debates Good stuff , good contributors, and better the fact that you are independent from the club and not looking to embroil yourself at the club I may even dial in i I can work out how too
  19. I can asure you Fawthrop was a chancer, good talker, ran a succesful boys club near Leeds and got a scouts job off the back of it Whilst in his Chief Scout post here spent more time operating side interests No coaching qualifications, had never managed an adult football side ..... Fawthrop was worse but all things considered Holdens rumoured appointment gives it a good run
  20. Hi Supporter & season ticket holder for half a century.....and long time reader but never posted Does anyone think that the Club are using Mcgregor , feeding rumour , some of it inaccurate , as some part of a smokescreen Something smells (Unfortunately I cant see why , but its our last hope)
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