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  1. I wonder if Semenyo and Conway would be able to form a partnership...with Scott in behind them
  2. I thought Semenyo was outstanding today. He was everything I'd dreamed about when he was first flagged as a hot prospect. Both the finishes were top level.
  3. Andi Weimann's finishing has been outstanding this season Before we get carried away we still saw a couple of WTF is he doing moments today from the Alpine mountain goat. But what a good performance from Andi!
  4. I totally agree that the ref was rubbish and seemingly biased but we were also the architects of our own downfall. Again we gave a needless penalty away and King has made a stupid decision to take the 3nd yellow.
  5. Well you neglected to mention his boring voice but besides that a very nice piece
  6. You didn't read the sentence right
  7. Two other things: 1. He has a trademark gunfire goal celebration. 2. He has an incredibly boring voice.
  8. Mr Bloom, hello. Weimann is a confusing player! His work rate and attitude is Premier League. Often, not always, his end product is league one. He would tell you that he is a central striker, but he has been deployed by multiple managers here in other positions; wide forward in a 3, wide in a midfield 4, a deep number 10 and even at centre mid with a licence to break the lines. I'd imagine his running stats are off the charts from minute 1 to minute 95 and he is really suited to a high pressing team, which we are not. His goal return has been a surprise this season, mostly coming in braces. They haven't all been when played up top either. He doesn't really have a natural strike partnership with Chris Martin, but they do what they can when played together. Recently Antoine Semenyo has been playing in a forward role with Martin, with Weimann shifted. I hope that helps.
  9. mozo


    I think he's a confidence player. We've seen him have streaks of form where he tackles and dribbles and looks like the engine in the midfield. Other spells he has gone off the boil and all you get is closing down and simple passes. We need super-Han back.
  10. April will be an interesting month if we haven't secured some distance by then. Peterborough home Derby away Hull home Points available there. Looking at the fixtures coming up I could imagine us struggling to win many points prior to the Cardiff game which would then be a big one. Then some better fixtures in February, hopefully with Williams back.
  11. 'Likelihood' should also state 'possibility'. The form was bad but LJ has turned form around before. Wasn't LJ when sacked in a higher league position than Holden when sacked and Pearson currently? At the time I supported his sacking, but on reflection I think there's a good argument that he'd have kept us a top half side.
  12. Is Kalas good at tracking and marking (in open play) generally? I'm convinced he's not. Of course that supports your suggestion that Kalas deserves stick. He does. And Vyner really does. And Atkinson especially does.
  13. It seems odd to say this based on performances but I guess Weimann is half way to being player of the season. There aren't too many contenders. Massengo was the early shout but then he dropped off after injury. James ditto. Um....
  14. Forget the 12 year old boy throwing the eggs at Huddersfield. I wanted to throw the 12 year old boy and 6 chickens at Kalas when he took that infuriatingly brainless shot on when we had just a few moments to create something! Aghhhh!!!
  15. On Lee Johnson... We surely have to accept the possibility that we would be in a better position had we not sacked him. Let that sink in. It is very possible that we would be playing better football and winning more games under LJ in the almost 2 years since he left.
  16. I think we have to acknowledge that Vyner has made serious errors in 3 of the last 4 games now. He can't be trusted.
  17. I think the criticism from NP is fair. Vyner gave a needless, albeit it soft, penalty away and Atkinson I thought had a poor game by his standards and deserving of a roasting. Kalas, I like his commitment, blocking and rocket-ship heading, but his marking and tracking ability is very err...zonal! He's very much found his level in my opinion. I actually thought Huddersfield comfortably deserved the win. Definitely I'd criticise the wing back selections, but I'm not sure it's crisis time at the moment.
  18. Idles - Crawler obviously the best. Love the new Sleaford Mods stuff though.
  19. Could be up to 35% for the season tomorrow
  20. With Pert they'll be right up there. No, doesn't work?
  21. You can't belittle, bully and assault footballers nowadays. The world's gone mad.
  22. I can understand LJ's anger there mind!
  23. mozo

    Joe Jordan

    My memory banks aren't very consistent. I remember vividly lots of JJ's first reign, but hardly any of his second stint... I've no idea why 94-97 is such a blur but I did start going to gigs at that time. So could anyone summarise what went on the second time he managed us?!
  24. Beat Huddersfield and we're halfway to 60 which is pretty much par per our expectations. Worth acknowledging though that while the picture is very clear now, it wasn't so obvious back on 6th November when Coventry inflicted the 4th humiliation - not just defeat, humiliation! - in 5 games against us and as stated above, even the club were talking about January transfers.
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