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Will be there in the Ateyo, however can't find the prices out for my Dad for adult prices(online ticketing is down and have searched through every headline on the OS!) as I'm a student is £10 and I'm a member. so just wondering if anyone knows the price for a adult in the ateyo? won't be more than £16 would it or around there?-Never mind found out the price now was on about the 13th page back wit hthe antwerp stuff!

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Pay on the night, so I'll be in the Wedlock. As for who else is going; there are now at least 20 PUFC fans coming down.

We had a 53 seater coach for the trip down with 35 of us on board. It wasn't just me, there was another City fan on board as well! Had some odd looks at the service station when fans from 2 clubs got off the same coach and on arrival at the Gate we went for a drink together in The Robins. For low key games like last night, why must fans then be seggregated during the game?

Could NOT get in the Wedlock though. Pay on the turnstile for the visiting fans, but as I approached our entrance a Steward informed me I needed a ticket and these were on sale at the ticket office. All three Match Day, Atyeo and Dolman denied they were selling them so I had to settl;e for the Dolman, block F.

Interesting to read in the programme about nr 12 shirt being the fans to reward our loyalty etc and on page 33 it mentioned over 30,000 attended for the 1970 semi final. We all paid on the turnstile for that I recall and no probs.

As for the journey home, those Posh fans were really generous; they were quite prepared to give us 2 City fans the opportunity to walk home! :winner_third_h4h:

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