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Nicky Maynards Goal With Loads Of Photo' Of Him Scoring

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Bristol City's Nicky Maynards sheilds the ball the from the Owl's defender


Nicky Maynards out paces the Owl's defender in his quest for the first goal of the game


Nicky Maynard appears to have whole of the Owls defence around him


Nicky Maynard has squeezed in front of three Owl's defenders


Nicky Maynard is about to pull the trigger for the first goal


The Owls goal keeper fails to get a hand on a stinging shot from Nicky Maynard


David Clarkson follows up just to make sure and Nicky Maynard heads for the hoards of City fans in the away end


Bristol City players congratulate Nicky Maynard and say the Dark side will be pleased,

as he has never seen Bristol City win a Sheffield Wednesday


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Tremendous all-action display Ted, I think you made Mrs. Miggins' day.clap.gif

Hell of a finish by Maynard, Grant barely moved did he?tumbleweed.gif

I'm sure I've got some balls and goalposts in the loft if you need any for your next thrilling re - enactment.

Also got Brazil 1970 up there if City wear yellow away next season.

Keep up the good work.chant6ez.gif

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