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Millen Stays In Charge Till End Of Season. (official Sms)


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Very worrying that Millen is staying in charge until the end of the season, especially following the BBC's website saying that Coppell was set for City.

Could it merely be a case that Coppell wants to leave Millen in charge, whilst he assesses the club, from Academy up to the first team?


On a lighter note... is it because Curbishley wants more for his house in Bristol and Coppell's holding out for a lower price??

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Calm down people, this was always likely whether the new manager is to be appointed in a few hours or a month.

It's also worth bearing in mind that the Coppell thing is currently just a rumour, one that seems to be gaining momentum but that can well be just down to the press publishing what they've read on here and other forums and then everybody feeding off it again.

It's noticeable that the tiny handful of people on here who get these things right consistently have not commented on it.

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So will I. I'm just saying Millen was going to take the last 2 games either way so nothings changed in that respect.

I'm holding you personally responsible if coppell doesn't sign it's all your fault ( only joking) however you seemed so sure! I know millen would have taken care of the first team for the final 2 games but it sounds a bit strange for them to publically enounce it . What's yr inside sources saying sc red , I've been nursing a semi since yr last post about coppell becoming manager !

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