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I'm Really Uncomfortable With This..

Bristol Rob

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Surely you can see their point though?! We are the only team that can assist them in reaching the play-offs, i daresay if we were in their position at this stage of the season similar points of discussion would more than likely begin emerging on here..?

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ha ha I feel sort of weird about it too. It's like someone has tampered with my back passage. I have no real beef with Swansea. But Cardiff and Blackpool, Well i hope they both miss out if it were possible.


Hate Cardiff

Hate Forest

Hate Swansea

Not much love for Leicester

Got no beef with Blackpool

However, my hatred of Holloway far surpasses any hatred I have for the others, so I 100% DO NOT want him to get promoted.

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Swansea Leicester, Blackpool, 3 teams that will be in the shake up for promotion to the Prem, and no way in a million years should any of those clubs be there and not City. If we had acted sooner after say the Cardiff game and appointed Millen or other we would be there.

15 points from 7 games,that points per match average over a season would have seen us promoted automatically.

Next season I feel will be at least a top six finish and maybe top 2.

But whatever, I just hope for a style of football that will bring more goals and excitement, and with that anything will be possibleenglandsmile4wf.gif

regardless of who gets to the playoffs i just want city to win, there are positives of winning beyond city though...

1, it will annoy holloway

2, it could setup a police nightmare at wemblely and get the welsh clubs chucked out the league

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We MUST beat Blackpool for Swansea. I would piss myself if they went up and Cardiff didn't!

We cant let Hollowhead beat GJ and then KM, he'll be like a dog with two dicks, noway man, Im not uncomfortable with this, I want us to thrash Blackpool so Swansea can get in the pray off and beat the Blue scum.

WE LOVE SWANSEA!!! :dancing6:

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SO want us to **** it up for Hollowhead, even though it means letting Swansea in. As for play-off winners, it has to be Leicester for me. Never thought I'd say that, but when the other options are Forest, Cardiff, Swansea or Skeletor, what can you do? :badmood:

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