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Forest Match Thread.

BCFC Jordan

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#BristolCity v #nffc - Jamo; Louis, Caulks, Damo, Fonts; Albi, Skusey, Marv, JCR; Brett, Clarky. Unchanged.

Can only see a loss but you never know.


If Macca was fit, I would have started him and put Fontaine as Centre Back.

I believe out of all the players available, Carey, Caulks, Fonts and Macca is our strongest back four.

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Just having a look on the forest forums, came across this:

Their fans are the most vile bunch I've come across and I've been to millwall.



my scrumpy-lovin' babbies!"

(I know the game has'nt started yet - but we have'nt had a single shot on target yet).


:chant6ez: :chant6ez: :chant6ez: :chant6ez: :chant6ez:

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Few things, that day was embarrassing for us as a club, I was their that day as a "normal" fan and was sadded to see our morons throwing bricks and whatever else they could get their hands on at people driving past. Smashing that pub (more a cafe / arty farty wine bar place) up wasnt big or clever, it never had any real forest "lads" in it, I suggest you read or watch the videos if your that interested but it wasnt big or clever.

correct. it was pathetic. embarrising.

oh, by the way. please please point out on my post where I said its big or celever?

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