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Happy Birthday Jamo!


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And in what is probably merely a coincidence, he appears on the front of today's Sun in the advert about the £9.50 football tickets! Happy birthday DJ.

If I can throw myself around in 8 years like he did on Saturday I'll be a very happy man, I can tell you....mind you, I can't throw myself around like that at 33!

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This is the same David James who would have signed for Plymouth if they hadnt gone down the season before last?

Just saying tis all

Clearly James is someone who puts a lot of value on Family, Location, where you live etc... away from the big smoke, Plymouth's loss was our gain if that's true.

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Iirc that was his intention. It was in one of the interviews he gave about how he signed for us because Plymouth hadnt stayed up and we were the nearest local team who could offer the highest level of football ( remembering that Pompey had gone belly up at this point)

I think that you may be correct. However, Evocare makes the very valid point that his priorities are geared towards his family life and contentment, rather than money. (Yet he still gets accused by some on this forum {not accusing you} of being a 'Big Time Charlie'). This is one reason that we are lucky to have him IMO.

Another reason is the example he can give to the rest of the squad in terms of his attitude.

Yet another (as I have stated above) is that IMO he is still the best keeper in the division. I am of the opinion that we should have kept Henderson over Gerken, but whoever the No.2 is, they have one of the best tutors in the country.

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