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Trialling a Q&A section again


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Hello everyone,

Right we are going to trial a question/answers/comments section again on here.  Mark Kelly (stadium operations officer) has agreed to come and respond to peoples' comments/questions etc, and may also want to leave some of his own ideas so people can give him feedback about the sort of things we would all like to see at Ashton Gate.

Questions (and replies) will be pre-moderated so that comments are kept constructive.

Obviously Mark has various commitments during the day, and so we are unable to confirm how frequently he will be able to respond to peoples' questions etc.

The moderators and admin of OTIB would like to thank Mark Kelly for his willingness to do this, and we look forward to having a two way channel between club and fans once again.

The section can be found up above the main forum section, just below the stadium section.

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21 minutes ago, ChippenhamRed said:

Great to see the Q&A return.

PS - For some reason the text of Dolly's original post is bleeding off the side of the page when viewed on my mobile (iPhone), anyone else find this?

Should be sorted now. I'd done a copy and paste and the formatting was being silly. 

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I currently sit on the back row of the South Stand.

At half time it's nigh on impossible to get down to the concourse, visit the toilet and buy one beer before the second half is starting -you've either got to neck your beer, or miss a little bit of the 2nd half.

I wish I could give constructive criticism to get around the issue, but I can't think of what the answer is - I just know that things are still too slow at the moment....sorry!

On a positive note, I love the coffee shop (could do with being a tiny bit bigger) and the Bratwurst shed. Would you be good to have more outside things like this. Thought the teepee was good as well.


*Maybe if/when Dreams is bought, more of this could be incorporated into our own mini Wembley-way leading up to the West Stand ;-)

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32 minutes ago, Dollymarie said:


Can you go and repost this in the Q&A section so that Mark Kelly sees it and can respond. 


Apologies, I originally wanted to reply to Marks thread but there was option to, hence why I posted here.

I've now started a new thready over there. Thanks once again, and...........Merry Christmas.

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Great to see this back on a trial basis.

@Dollymariecan we just have a steer as to what is, and what is not in scope in fairness to Mark? Clearly many of us recall the old one, where any question that required a response from the club could be posted. Is this still the same, or do we have to be mindful of what Mark's role is and what he is and is not responsible for? Otherwise, I guess we will all assume it will be like the old one, which if it is the intention is fine. 

I suppose as an example...a flag is banned from the ground, or is the club taking up with whoever how fans were treated at x? Is Mark the right person to express our feelings towards via a question, or is it much more narrowly the operations on the day at AG? I guess mod'ing the questions can help pick this up as well, but some indication might also help?


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Mark is responsible for stadium/catering, so issues related to that. Stewarding issues wouldn't be under his jurisdiction though, because once the game kicks off, that falls to the responsibility of the match day commander.  

Im sure if there were issues related to stewarding though, Mark would want to hear them and follow up with those responsible. 

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