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Prediction League: Ipswich Town (H)


Bristol City v Ipswich Town  

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Yep, he's back (your friend probably already knows), and so is the chant.

Johnson says: bounce around the ground.

Johnson says: our wives are close.

Johnson says: well I can't wear tracksuits - people might think I'm a ball boy.

Tricky rhythm on that last one.


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Half-time scoreline

First goalscorer


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Other goalscorers

Goal timings



Aerial Challenges Won

Yes, Lee Johnson is as short as Lee Tomlin is fat. So, can his team win headers?

Aerial challenges won by each team: 2 points each

Total aerial challenges: 1 point

City player who wins the most: 1 point



Brighton v Bolton


PREDICTION DEADLINE: 15.00 GMT, Saturday 13th February, 2016


Hocus pocus.

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And I'll let @havanatopia kick us off... (cheers @Septic Peg):

18 hours ago, havanatopia said:

In the event Yoshi reads this please put me down for a 2-2 draw.. i thought we might lose but the Tractors have a number of injuries and i think we might hold our own but not have enough to benefit from the so called new manager bump.

Kodjia and Tomlin to score.

Good luck to Lee Johnson though and I hope I am proved wrong in a positive way, obviously.

Thanks folks and enjoy the match day experience in this our new Johnson era. 

Hasta pronto.



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Result: City 2 - Ipswich 1

HT: 1 - 0 to City

Goalscorers: Tomlin 25th min via volley. Kodjia 67th min via tap in. Brett 'super sub' Pitman 89th min via header.

BEFTP: City aerial wins - 28. Ipswich aerial wins - 23. Total aerials - 51. Flinty to win most aerial challenges.

Wildcard: Brighton 2 - Bolton 0

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Having looked on enviously throughout this prediction campaign as various people claim to have had portentous dreams, whilst being stuck with my own primitive technique of random conscious selection, I'm very excited to have had a premonition overnight. Time will tell if it's remotely accurate, but I can confidently say now that at least two parts of it won't be. However, I must stick with what I have been shown.



1st half

Adomah 33' - It's what the dream said, so there's no ruling out an incredibly last minute loan move. Bearing in mind that we definitely can rule it out, though, I'll assume my dream meant another returning player and go with Pitman instead.

2nd half

Kodjia 69' - Back on the scoresheet, back on the horse, backstreet's back, all right. Probably a volley, although my dream was vague on the details. Each replay was different. It could be a shot from 50 yards, but I've decided that that one was probably an anomaly.

Lee Burns / Wes Tomlin 78' - Look. I can't fully remember the dream that well, and I slept in a weird position, so don't blame me if this is freakin' mental. But there was definitely some sort of hybrid player of the two playing, and he scored the winner. I think they might've combined at some point like they do in Power Rangers when they realise that it's a waste of time trying to fight the bad guy individually, get over their collective amnesia about their ability to join forces and turn into an unbeatable robot, and thus manage to do it just in time before the episode ends. I'm pretty sure they announced the scorer as Burns, though, so I'll go with that.

Adomah 86' - This isn't actually a goal, but we all thought it was in the dream, because he did score... However, there was some sort of confusion, and the league then realised he should be playing for Middlesbrough, so they gave them the goal instead of Ipswich, despite it being scored in a completely different game, miles away. Beats me.

I then had a horrible pang of "damn, that's exactly what I was going to predict, can't believe I slept through the match" as I half woke up, before realising that, actually, I was slowly going insane.

Which was comforting.


Aerial Challenges

31 54 - 23




Brighton 3-0 Bolton

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