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4 wins in 6 games

Slack Bladder

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4 minutes ago, Peter O Hanraha-hanrahan said:

In 2013/14 three hugely important wins on the trot in the space of 9 days put us well on the road to survival (1 home, 2 away as well). Still a long way to go but I'm so much happier about the situation than I was 20 odd days ago.

Well done lads, keep it up :clapping:

All started off with a Gillett screamer vs the Gills!

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17 minutes ago, 22A said:

Just a thought; each time Kodjia has scored twice, he's been substituted.

Is there a clause in his contract saying the club pays him a massive bonus should he net a hat trick?

With modern day contracts you never know! I would imagine he would cause quite a fuss if the club subbed him to avoid paying a bonus though!

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You don't know what would've happened but what if we would have not been as loyal to SC? Would the change have been as quick? We could've had LJ and he had a whole winter window and maybe not as far down the table. 

Anyway, we are in fine form and with the way the bottom 3 have been playing, 2 wins could just about do it(40 points). Of course I want to push on and get as close to 50 as we can but it's finally looking up for us as a club. If we can kick on and get close to mid table as possible, it only helps our position in the summer for signings. 

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