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How do we EVER sell a ticket??!!!!!

BS4 on Tour...

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Working away tonight so can't be at the game but logged onto the website to buy tickets for Fulham away.

All went swimmingly - put in supporter id and password, chose quantity, entered all the payment details, confirmed email address and up came 'payment process could not be completed, please try again.'

So, checked I'd put all the details in correctly, checked I'd filled in all the required fields, used my credit card with a zero balance on it again and re submitted.....'payment process could not be completed...'

So I tried again, and again, and again, and again....FOURTEEN times I tried to pay and every time it said 'payment process could not be completed...'

WHY???? I just want to pay!!!!!

Sorry to post on a negative subject but this has happened too many bl**dy times now. I run 17 websites in my day job so I know what I'm doing, this is simply not good enough. It's pathetic that a fan cannot buy tickets for an away game on line.

Pretty bl**dy obvious why we ran away and handed the ticketing arrangements to Ticketmaster when we got to Wembkey last season, because we as a club know we just aren't capable of running an efficient service.

So I give up. I just wanted to buy some tickets online in 2016. Should be easy eh?

I use the Bristol Ticket Shop website for tickets for gigs, works perfectly every time, never had a problem, ever.

Really hope someone from the club reads this and does something about it. Doubt it though...

I know I'll probably get replies from people on here along the lines of 'it worked fine for me' and that's great. But I have tried 14 times tonight, I entered everything absolutely correctly and it just doesn't work.

Sorry to rant, but it's just rubbish....

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The ticketing system is a joke imo. I'm giving Bristol Sport the benefit of doubt untill 2017 when the stadium is all complete. 

What I would say, is when I speak to people over the phone for friends tickets ect they are very good and very efficient- I just wish the online service could match this.

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Despite what the CEO says about the benefits of combining customer services in his trade 'personal ego trip' magazine, it's all gone tits up. 

The on-line stuff is just a lottery and, for the first time ever, the usually reliable and hyper-efficient phone service was totally crap for my Fulham tickets. 

As you say, give it until the move is sorted but the rebuild is a pretty feeble excuse in my opinion. 

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