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I will through this one out there.


Its a Canadian pay streaming site.  When we are live on sky the only way to get the game is through this site.  Yes you guessed it, us Canadians have to pay twice.

Anyway, if you have a VPN and can mask so you are in Canada, try this site out.  I believe the first month is free.  We have enough games this month, probably to justify the cost anyway.

Very good quality stuff, plus you we have access to NFL, La League, Italian league etc

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1 hour ago, BCFC Richard said:

If you have an android phone you can download Mobdro and watch it. 

Nothing on there at the moment on my phone - pretty much all channels are dead!!


Annoying thing is, we should have moved house last week, and should have had sky installed 2 days ago. Builders were late finishing so the date has been put back until next week, so my Sky wont be installed until next Friday now!! Been able to justify the sky sports subscription to the wife as I got a decent deal on it, and we're getting rid of the home phone so no rental. Broadband will be an issue though as it's a new build and nothing has been set up properly yet!!

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