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Man U sack Mourinho


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None of the elite clubs will go anywhere near him now imo. 

Pogba doesn't have an excuse to hide behind anymore either, so be interesting to see how that goes. 

For me, Conte would be the best manager they could bring in now, but if they do go down the route of Carrick till summer, then Poch would be a great shout. 

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1 minute ago, Lew-T said:


That’ll be my bet anyway.

You may be right.

Not that I remotely care but Zidane has the potential to make their situation even worse.

It does seem strange to got outside of the club to appoint a manager until May - unless he is told that if he does well he gets a longer contract.

My guess is that they want Poch but that is not going to be straightforward as I suspect Real will be looking closely at him too.

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3 minutes ago, Red_Wizard said:

Never knew Wenger was at Chelsea! 

Hence the use of punctuation and new paragraphs. I didn’t want to insult the intelligence of people on here by stating the obvious, I thought everyone would have known. Obviously not.


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