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Zak Vyner

Mr X

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He’s doing well, but has played mainly as a right back rather than a central defender. When at City it was said that, long term, his best position would be as a central defender, so playing at right back isn’t necessarily helping him develop this way. On the other hand, he might come back from Rotherham as a good fullback 

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5 minutes ago, Allwaysred said:

I like the thought of hopefully 2 or 3 of are own in the rear guard soon and maybe another in midfield..... I like Vyner does the simple things well. Rotherham playing him RB because of his pace and fully exspect him in that role or challenging next preseason.

That’s part of the strategy for sure.

Its a win win situation for City. Rotherham are giving him crucial Championship experience for us to hopefully benefit next season.

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