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South Yorkshire Police only want Sheffield derby's during the week

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1 hour ago, EmersonsKev said:

South Yorkshite Police couldn't run a bath!

Spot on.....I've spent years defending SYP over the disaster but have to say I've had to change my view in the last few years......the games against United are a nightmare.....I've been taking my son home and away since he was 5 but would never take him to Bramhall Lane until he was 14.....he's 20 now and when we finally got in to the ground this season (Friday night game which I'll never understand how that is easier to Police than a Saturday) he turned to me and said "I used to hate it that you would never let me come here, now I fully understand....in fact I think you should be reported to social service for letting me come this year"!

its not just these games though.....you see other games around the country with 5 yards of black netting and line of stewards between the home and away fans. At Hillsborough the Leppings Lane stand is completely stand alone....to get from the away end to the home stands you''d have to drop down from the upper tier to the lower, sneak past the police control box and scale a fence to the home area's ....so just it be safe we have to block off the end blocks of each of the stands on the side as well

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I live in Sheffield and derby day is crap because a) the roads in Sheffield are a nightmare at the best of times and b) there are a lot of complete nobheads (many of them who don't actually go to games) who come out to play on derby day.

That said, I'm not sure SYP have yet earned the right to tell football fans how they're behaving after the Revelations of recent years

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