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Chris Martin

Bristol Rob

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Don’t know how anyone can not see that this makes complete sense in literally every way. 

Played loads of minutes, scored really important goals, key player from defending set pieces (even though he shouldn’t be), and an extremely experienced pro that’ll help the youngsters. Would cost a pretty penny trying to replace him if we were to let him go. 

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3 minutes ago, Sturny said:

This is good, aren’t we 4th top goal scoring team? He’s been a part of that all season.  I’d be okay with it if our attack stays the same in the summer. We just need to fix the defence 


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24 minutes ago, GrahamC said:

Would presume his original 2 year deal contained an extension clause in it based on appearances, which seeing as he has been in the squad for 100% of our league games (yes, but Dave Rennie is no better than Andy Rolls ?) he has easily achieved.

Deserves it, the debate about having an alternative to him isn’t his issue, it’s the club’s.

Can't help but feel that we would do better with him in more of a latter Wilbraham role, 20 mins at the end, off the bench when the opposition are tiring. Seems like a similarly model professional. Used more sparingly I suspect we would get more goals and his career could go on quite a bit longer.

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4 minutes ago, Sturny said:

Okay I just checked, I remember we were pretty high up last I paid attention to it. It’s still not bad. I thought we were still high up there but not anymore it seems 

Agree. It's at the other end the problems we have.

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17 minutes ago, The hand of RO'D said:

This screams to me that we won’t be spending any money this summer.

Certainly not on a striker. 

I expect our forwards to be Weimann, Martin, Conway, plus two of Wells, Semenyo and Janneh depending on who leaves (ideally Wells to save the wages).

The little money we spend I expect us to spend on defenders.

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Makes sense. Good team player, not on a huge wage, settled at the club, not injury prone and happy to fight for his place. He's been reliable for us and although we would rather a more natural striker, he has earned the extension. Whether hes a starter or back up next season, it was a low risk decision and a sensible one. 

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Decent player, does a decent job, and I have no problem with that. 

I would be surprised if he played as much next season, but then I don't really expect us to bring anyone in up top, unless one of Semenyo or Wiemann go. If Wells goes, then maybe a younger player, maybe from League 1, but the rest of the savings on Wells' wage would be better spent elsewhere.


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