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State of the pitch


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17 minutes ago, littlered said:

What is going on with the pitch? The last couple of games our players have been falling all over the place?

It does look like it's seen better days...

I think we’re asking too much of it in the winter months. Two games back-to-back midweek on top of games for City, Bears and occasionally City women too is a lot at this time of year.

Of course the revenue is great, but there needs to be a balance between making the most of the stadium and preserving the playing surface - perhaps the pendulum has swung a bit too far towards the former.

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4 minutes ago, TomF said:

2 Games in succession on Wednesday afternoon/evening probably hasn't helped 

I think as well this midweek the women internationals had two matches on it back to back. Been heavily used.

edit: ignore me. Just re read yours and I am simply pointing out the same!

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24 minutes ago, Port Said Red said:

Maybe a longer stud is what's called for?

Sounds like a job for Rudolph.

12 minutes ago, City Rocker said:

I think it's re-laid every summer.

As is Rudolph!

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36 minutes ago, James54De said:

No. Hasn’t been relayed since the south stand was finished. 

It gets re-seeded every summer.

1 hour ago, joe jordans teeth said:

It’s over watered simple as 

By over watered, you mean heavy rain right? Which is out if the control of humans.

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3 minutes ago, City Rocker said:

That's what I meant, the turf is removed, new top soil and re-seeded each summer, as soon as the concerts have taken place. 

The grass is killed off and reseeded, that is correct. I think the problem is the desso, artificial strands that are woven in, are at the end of their life and are due to be renewed in the summer.

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