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Pearsons magic is dwindling

W-S-M Seagull

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I've muted them on twitter as their posts annoy me more than they should and I know that by taking the bait I'm giving them the interactions they are fishing for.

I thought I was rid of them after that. It appears OTIB has made sure that was not the case,,,

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The guy has a sad obsession with Nigel Pearson, probably being paid by Mark Carter and Ian Gay to put pressure on the club.

Pearson IS doing a good job, never felt more comfortable with how things are being run behind the scenes and that's a compliment to Pearson, Tinnion, Gould, Alexander and Rennie. 

Sod what these nobodies with zero insight into the Club actually think.

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I don't really pay much attention to them anymore. Not on content relating to us anyway.

One of them is a Derby fan isn't he, DIlks? (I think there maybe a wrong letter in that ;) ).

I digress, could there be residual bitterness from the Pearson stint at Derby in 2016? Didn't go well there and he was unpopular.

Or maybe they've read someone on this forum in 2019 to 2022 pertaining to Derby County and their financial antics...that individual was quite outspoken in fact those individuals but I do wonder if it's residual dislike stemming back to NP's time there.

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I'm just absolutely baffled. 

"Bristol City have failed to get into the top half" he then goes on about how he's had his hands tied behind his back and not been able to recruit and has had to progress young players yet despite those constraints that he mentions he expected us to finish top half? 

We've recruited well but Nigel Pearson has no ambition? 

I just can't get my head around the contradictions. 

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They do about as much research as Dean Ashton used to. 
Quick look at last years table, look at the headlines and they're good to go.
Pointless Podcast, I listen to 2. Gab Sutton & Benjamin Bloom , both knowledgeable and interesting, two things the 2nd tier stay well clear of.  

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2 hours ago, NOTBLUE said:

Who are they.

The one on the left (Ryan Dilks)is an effing bell-end, the other Justin Peach (which I thought was a reference to Donald Trump) is ok when not doing stuff for this pod.

Dilks is a Derby fan.

It’s a shame that their MO is to get reaction only.  They are not on my follow list and haven’t been for some time.

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2 hours ago, Betty Swallocks said:

Right pair of scruff bags. Don’t know why anyone gets wound up by them. 

They think great content is trying to controversial all the time. In reality, they just come across a bit dim.

NTT20 are levels above these. 

Wouldn’t even put them and NTT20 in the same sentence tbh. 

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The usual lack of research into the job he has actually done, and conditions he has had to work under, vastly reducing the squad size and bloated wage bill inherited from the previous idiots running the club. Building a young talented team from the academy and lower leagues. 

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They obviously have no idea what's been happening at the club the last 5 or 6 years.

NP has spent the last 18 months tearing down an overpriced, not fit for purpose football club and laying some solid foundations.

He could leave tomorrow and he's still done a good job.

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