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Does Anybody Know How To

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Just like me, many people moved to Peterborough in the 80s. Saturdays there's an abundance of Arsenal, Spurs & Chelsea shirts at the rail station. I have Millwall and Charlton fans living near me. A few years ago 10 Sunderland fans living here and contacted their club. They formed a branch of the official Sunderland Supporters Club and even held monthly meetings with Chairman & Secretary etc! A sportsa shop in the Hereward Arcade started selling (in addition to the usual Prem shirts) Stenhousemuir shirts. The manager came from there and although he was the only one, S'muir FC registered him as am official branch of their supporters club.

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Have been contemplating doing this for years!! However, having a little more time on my hands at the moment would really like to set one up. ANy ideas, does it have to be done through the club?


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I was a member of the London branch of the Supporters' Club in the 1990s. It was part of the Supporters' Club so if you want help in setting up a branch speak to them first just to make sure they're happy with a new branch being formed. I'm not sure who on the board is SC, I only know who isn't because they make a point of saying they're ST!

If you have a local branch you immediately have the benefit of being in contact with a network of City fans where you live. There may be more than you think.

The LSA had also arranged several tangible benefits such as priority for tickets and discounted rail travel, though you set up all this by negotiation rather having it given to you by somebody from on high.

If you get enough people together you might even get to teh holy grail which is minibus hire so you go door to door and cna drink all day (should you be so immature :disapointed2se: . The LSA never did this when I was there but I knew somebody who organised one for Invicta Reds (Sadly Man U fans in Kent) and because he did all the legwork for this the other club members were happy that he went for free as a thankyou. You have to be ruthless with no-shows and late drop-outs otherwise you will find yourself out of pocket. Money in advance and no returns or you don't come.

I moved about a bit over the years but I would have gone to a hell of a lot more games if there was a minbus going from my area.

Good luck.

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