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  1. Boom. Some serious power there. That was a good stoppage cus Arthur was really hurt.
  2. The last punch especially was ridiculous and clearly hurt Skeete. I agree, with your opponent already on the canvas, disqualification would've been fair. Even more absurd when you consider on the same bill a fight was stopped because a boxer got punched in the face, whilst on his feet!
  3. This must be a first in recent boxing history. Neither man has a tattoo.
  4. Looked like a 1-2 to the head, and that was it. Bizarre decision. This Sheeraz bloke doesn't look up to much !
  5. Yeah, Dennis looks quite the talent. Knows it as well. That stoppage seemed very premature.
  6. As you know, I have a contact that knows Cook's agent (Irish). I literally cannot wait to hear his side of the story
  7. He's on a kind of one year sabbatical at the moment. So it may be a bit too early for him. Personally, I think he has all the attributes to become a top coach. Ipswich presents a decent opportunity for him, but it's true he may well get better offers.
  8. It will actually be interesting to see who Ashton goes for as he certainly didn't appoint Johnson, Holden or Pearson whilst he was here. All SL choices. Appleton is presumably high on the list. I wonder if they may try and get John Terry in, which I personally think could be a very good appointment.
  9. Hopefully it'll catch fire this time. Could be a good one. Anyone know when the main fight is on, 10pm?
  10. As a former Pompey resident I can confirm the feeling is very much mutual! I was in the city for the first couple of Premier League derby games between the two of them, including when "Britain's youngest ever convicted football hooligan" a 10 year old Pompey fan threw a brick at police who were escorting the scummers back to Fratton station. In the years I lived there I never once saw anyone wearing a Saints shirt, not even so much as a Southampton car sticker. Anyone displaying such items would have no doubt been tossed into the Solent.
  11. Update here: Scarlets chairman Simon Muderack urges Heineken Champions Cup bosses to allow rescheduling - BBC Sport
  12. Revenue brought in by shirt sales is a comparative pittance. Like most football clubs, most of our money comes from the owner. Having a new shirt every two seasons would put more money back into the pockets of our supporters and also help cut the needless production of a load of shirts, which quickly go out-of-date. In addition, the dyeing process involved in making these shirts is very harmful to the environment. Some may consider that final point to outweigh simply "cashing in".
  13. SELF ESTEEM's - Prioritise Pleasure is an excellent album. Sure it'll feature in many "best of the year" lists come the end of the year.
  14. Absolutely! Not like Bears will do anything in Europe this season anyway...but a win would be nice.
  15. They did get to the FA Cup final in 2009, but you're right more generally. They don't have much to show for the money they've spent, particularly since 2016.
  16. We did the same at Swansea in 2010, I was there for this one:
  17. Great signing. Liverpool recruitment has been first class for a while now. Really interesting title race between them, Chelsea and Man City. Managed by three of the best in the world. Could be a vintage PL season.
  18. Due to Liverpool, people forget that they are truly one of the biggest clubs in English football. Huge support, great history. But they've pissed away hundreds of millions over the past few seasons and are going backwards. The problems start at the top but Rafa and the players are getting it in the neck, which is what always happens in these types of situation. Anyway, Jota, what a player. Mad to think he played in the Championship a couple of years ago.
  19. To complicate matters further they aren't actually back in Wales. They are isolating in Belfast until the day before the game. Guess they may just fly straight to Bristol on the Friday/Saturday and play. Not ideal preparation, hopefully a little advantage for Bristol.
  20. Of ydays starting 11: 8 were signed by LJ (tho 2 resigned by NP) 2 by Holden 0 by NP (excluding resignings) The remaining player being Benarous. And people wonder why the performance was the same as many have been over the past three years. Literally nothing has changed.
  21. The Lansdowns own two safari lodges in Botswana too I believe I do find it quite funny that both Steve and Maggie have twitter accounts and their main concern is that they can't get tourists to their properties in Botswana! Not like the football club is going up in flames or anything lads
  22. Two fighters in their prime going toe-to-toe. Love it
  23. Just realised "Esteban" is of course Spanish for Stephen, so that's obviously a nod as to who is really behind that company. I've just checked the planning application forms and Esteban (Stephen!) had to serve notice on two other landowners - Bristol City Council and Ashton Gate Limited. So, I would guess Stephen bought the Sporting Quarter land through Ashton Gate Ltd...
  24. Esteban lists Griffiths, JL and Gavin Marshall as directors. Just wondering, as you may know, does this mean they purchased/own the land? What I'm getting at is how come SLs name isn't involved, when he presumably purchased the land? Also, not sure if you knew, but Pula (Guernsey) is owned by another company named Pula, based in Bermuda.
  25. Bristol City Holdings owns the club and ground, so it could be that company which is for sale... Whether that article refers to us or not, the fact is we are "unofficially" for sale.
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