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  1. Nothing screams "elite" and "professional" more than expecting someone to work for free to set up your entire data analysis department.
  2. Hung out to dry for "leaving" the India tour back in February, wasn't he?
  3. Moeen Ali just sat at home twiddling his thumbs I'm guessing? With no Stokes, he seems the obvious replacement to me.
  4. Yep, pretty sure my South Stand ST was £220... for 15 home games.
  5. Tickets for the Bath game on 1st Oct are: South Stand £37 Dolman wings £43 Dolman centre £60 Lansdown wings £60 Lansdown centre £70 Fiver off if you're a member. Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!!!!
  6. Now that a significant proportion of his salary depends on him spending minutes on the pitch, rather than the treatment table, we shall see...
  7. It was very clear that Nige was talking about Baker and Atkinson playing together. He then said "and we've got Kalas as well". Quite clear that as of right now Kalas has gone from being club captain to the periphery of the squad.
  8. Coincidentally I saw Wells in the supermarket this afternoon (not wearing a mask, obviously) and I was surprised at how small he is. 5ft 7 according to Wiki. He's very slight with it too. Somehow looks bigger on the pitch I think!
  9. I don't know Ian, but for me he's comfortably one of the most knowledge and interesting contributors to listen to, whether I agree with him, or not.
  10. Brighton are having a look. Whether it materialises into a bid, we shall see.
  11. I watched the game on AVTV and it is true that the commentators highlighted him second half. They said something along the lines of he was a player that as soon as he got on the ball you were excited to see what he did with it. And this was after watching him for the first time for all of 15-20 mins. They mentioned him a couple of times and I can't recall them talking about any of our other players, so he clearly made an impression. I thought he was excellent and changed the game second half. I'd have no fears about starting him on Saturday. Surprise them, and let him show what he can do.
  12. And if he has worked in America, the Gallagher Premiership's rumoured foray into the American market (playing league fixtures over there as they do with American football here) will be something right up his street...
  13. Granted, it isn't the only reason I'm not going, but Members prices are £30-38. Lord knows what non-member prices are...£34-42? Hardly enticing people in to watch us against the mighty Blackpool. I agree with others, the "actual" attendance will be sub 15k.
  14. Wants to be promoted to Akela is the rumour.
  15. Interesting. He's spent the past 9 years working on "global partnerships" with the NBA and Liverpool. I guess that predominantly relates to sponsorships but I wonder if he may also be here to assist in attracting other investment opportunities into Bristol City? Or already has such contacts...
  16. Probably worth bearing in mind that only this summer we also hired a player that was convicted of assaulting a woman...
  17. What a vile **** he is... him and his wretched brother
  18. You must be the worst socialist ever. Thought you were all about helping all of society out, especially the most vulnerable? That's why I got the jab. I wasn't "scared" into it like you suggested. In fact I'd already had covid by the time I'd had the jab! I just wanted to protect the most vulnerable in society. You're clearly petrified of getting a bit of water, salt and sugar, and a few chemicals no worse than you'd find in processed food and a few beers, injected into your body. That's fine, but I will remember this next time you start preaching about social inequality and looking after the vulnerable... it's amazing how often people of your political persuasion don't practice what they preach, seen it time and time again.
  19. Vaccination is clearly part of the solution as it has been in medicine for decades already. Nothing is being "enforced" regarding anyone not taking the vaccine, it's the individual's choice. From speaking with a GP friend, the issue isn't "anti-vaxxers" or people unwilling to take the jab anyway. They make up such a tiny minority of the population that we will reach herd immunity without them. All I will say is, good job the majority have stepped up, otherwise we'd be in a permanent state of lockdowns and restrictions - and properly enforced ones too.
  20. You've made an absolute prat out of yourself here mate.
  21. Sorry, what? People have died within 28 days of having the vaccine. I think that's the statistic you are referring to, and the vaccine hasn't been the cause of death...
  22. Lovely service and afternoon on the beers celebrating Scoot's life. Rest In Peace Scooter
  23. Yep, all you need to do is scan the QR code and record your result as negative. This is part of the "world beating" track and trace system, don't forget.
  24. That's fine, and it's your opinion. You've had the vaccine yourself, so are clearly unbothered by it. As I said, we are in unprecedented times, so I'm afraid the defence of "oh it's not fair, it's my choice" doesn't really stack up at the moment. You want your life back as close to normal; then get the jab. If you don't want to take the jab then accept that whilst we are still understanding this deadly virus, you may have to take a back seat for now.
  25. Not like they're asking you at the turnstile whether you have the clap, is it. Though apparently at Rovers they will be asking for proof that you have already had it.
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