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  1. Absolutely loved it tbh. I didn't see what Kyrgios did in the first set mind, and if he did swear at line judges then he should've been defaulted. Tsitsapis was inches away from being defaulted too when he hit that ball into the crowd. Good game of tennis too, Tsitsapis backhand is really poor for a top 5 player. Kyrgios played great and with an open draw, who knows, he could reach the final. It reminded me of all the dirty tricks and animosity there used to be in junior tennis
  2. Pink Floyd haven't played live since 2005, and that was for 3 songs. Complete non-starter.
  3. Bit strange to do an acoustic set. Her album Color Theory is worth a listen. Agree War on Drugs are excellent. Saw them at the Academy a few years back.
  4. What was Soccer Mommy like? Her last album was excellent
  5. A fine selection of bands there. I've been catching up on lots of highlights last few days, and nothing has surpassed Kendrick. Glastonbury nailed getting an artist that big, in their prime. I suppose that's part of the problem I have with lots of the headliners at Glasto, they're usually past their best. The ones you remember are bands in their prime like Radiohead 1997, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, even Florence and the Machine etc.
  6. Easy to get up the rankings...if you win a Slam on debut! A fairly big caveat. She definitely has all the tools to play at the highest level, but it goes without saying, no-one can be sure that she will. First thing she needs is a strength and conditioning coach to try and cut out these injuries. I think it'll be a couple of years before we start to see the best of her.
  7. She's been battling injuries all season. Only played 7 games on grass in her first ever season on Tour coming into Wimbledon. She did very well to win her opening match. Ironically, that one win was good enough to move her into the world top 10. If Grand Slam champion and world top 10 aged 19 isn't "something special", then I don't know what is...
  8. Can we get Livingston in the Test team somehow?!
  9. I think it really shows how much he helped revolutionise white ball cricket in this country when you consider he took over the captaincy from Ali Cook! The game has moved on so much that a player like Cook wouldn't get near the England team these days.
  10. Caught the end of PSB, meh. A long way past their best days I suppose. Being Boring remains a poignant classic though. Year of the Kendrick imo. Like watching Dre in 2001 or Eminem late 90s, an artist at the peak of their powers. Inevitably, those that don't rate him, aren't hip hop/rap fans anyway. Caught a bit of Bicep and pleasantly surprised, that will be one hedonistic corner of the festival tonight
  11. Love PSB But Kendrick is simply class & the future. He's got the young uns eating from the palm of his hands here, class set so far
  12. Massively excited for Kendrick. One of the most important artists around at the moment, hope he delivers.
  13. Come Together Paperback Writer We Can Work It Out Here, There and Everywhere Penny Lane Eleanor Rigby Yesterday It definitely didn't feel as stacked as it could have been.
  14. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/paul-mccartney/2022/worthy-farm-pilton-england-3bb59c84.html
  15. Hey Jude, quite possibly the best coda to a song ever... Written in 1968 and still being sang at football grounds to this day.
  16. Aye, on song two with the boss...
  17. Surprised. Noel would be the obvious choice. Maybe Macca doesn't rate Oasis either
  18. Yeah, he co-wrote the best Beatles record Come Together - get it on!
  19. Crazy. Same with the Stones. We want more of The Beatles, Macca.
  20. Liam is a class frontman though, simply cannot be denied. Presence, attitude. He is pure rock n roll. Blur a way better band anyway though, imo! Pulp too actually. Have enjoyed Mitski and Caribou this evening. Macca putting on a decent display here considering he's 80.
  21. Absolutely, and it has to be said things were getting pretty turgid under Root/Silverwood. So this is quite the contrast.
  22. Another remarkable innings from Bairstow. Brilliant partnership from these two
  23. That ball from Boult to get Crawley out was unplayable. Beauty
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