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  1. 16 minutes ago, Silvio Dante said:

    “The plural of anecdote is not data”

    What you’ve done, inadvertently, is prove the point. 

    You’ve said that a Cardiff “fan” (Speech marks intended) was stopped by CSF. Again, fair play to them.

    But then to leap that CSF won’t do the same to other fans is naive at best. Again - were either the exception or we did it.

    I don’t doubt your story occurred. But as data, it’s frankly bollocks 

    Just to add to my previous point is simply that the both are true. 

    All firms would need to be come to some sort of agreement. It comes down to basic perception.

    The issue is again. Is that when I mention the Cardiff fan, is that, if this was AG, the roles could easily be inversed.

    It's not the firms themselves that are the issue (for some part), the issue is that's there's a sub element within all who use the cover of the firm to perform the acts that are then perceived as wrongs - and the remaining element of sub firms simply don't know how to manage said situation.

    It's simply the naivety of both sides of the argument that I am trying to highlight. Apologies if I've failed at that - I'm pretty wasted currently in the sunny Canaries.

  2. Just now, Fuber said:

    I agree with your point. But it's a self fulfilling cycle. It's an inverse.

    To add, just because we stop doesn't mean other clubs likewise will. Theres 22 other clubs in the league.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Silvio Dante said:

    “The plural of anecdote is not data”

    What you’ve done, inadvertently, is prove the point. 

    You’ve said that a Cardiff “fan” (Speech marks intended) was stopped by CSF. Again, fair play to them.

    But then to leap that CSF won’t do the same to other fans is naive at best. Again - were either the exception or we did it.

    I don’t doubt your story occurred. But as data, it’s frankly bollocks 

    I agree with your point. But it's a self fulfilling cycle. It's an inverse.

  4. 11 hours ago, richwwtk said:

    I think you are missing the point.

    Yes, innocent City fans may have been saved from a beating by other sides 'firms', but at the same time innocent fans of other clubs will have been in need of protection from the CSF.

    Every 'firm' will claim that they do not pick on innocent fans, but in the end every single one of them does, and there is no reason to think any differently of CSF.

    If there were no 'firms' then no innocent fans would need protecting and football would be all the better for it.

    This is a naive statement.

    There is always an element of this in basic society. Not expecting it in virtue as there are no 'firms'...?

    Football tend to be a basic reflection of the culture of the football team in question. Firms always exist, as, unfortunately, there is an element at all clubs that engage in violence.

    As for 'innocent fans'. I went to Cardiff and there was one incident where random 'Diff fan tried lobbing tools, i.e. wrenches at City fans. 

    CSF members tackled him down and handed him over to the Heddlu.

    Said tools could have cause serious harm (to innocents) and the Cardiff youth specified may have no criminal record, but he would be termed an 'innocent', i.e. no prev record. By the media.

    Always depends on context.


  5. 1 hour ago, Buckeyed said:

    Totally agree that some just don't get it. The fans didn't dislike Ashley because of the finances. I think most would agree that he managed to keep them solvent (although other clubs have also done so without the other crap he has done to players, ex players, managers etc).

    I'd point out all comments towards Newcastle on this thread are from our (Championship/BCFC) perspective.

    In the same manner of us in regards to Ipswich relating to Ashton re the Tractor Boys view of us.

    All we know for certain is that the Geordies likely know more about the ins and outs than any of us here, and all have been protesting Ashley's ownership for some degree for almost ten years at this point.

    Re the point about servicing the Debt. Any debt would have to settle upon transaction of ownership, so either way Ashley's met his end goal. Profit.

    As for interest, he paid near no Sponsorship fees re Sports Direct for years with regards to stadium advertisements, bar the recent years a counts which still way below the promised value. I'd count that as service of the interest.

  6. 2 minutes ago, TonyTonyTony said:

    I know Ashley comes off as a knob, but he kept Newcastle stable. When Newcastle fans moan about him, what they are really saying is he didnt spend his personal fortune on the club. Its the same argument you get on here from some about our own SL. 

    They made profits in 8 of the past 11 seasons, the latter most loss due to COVID.

    I'd argue if a club is looking to progress, there should be an overall net spend in roughly half season over said time period. Ashley has simply pocketed the profits in the same manner Glazers rack up Man Utd as a debt pinata.

    Add to that in 2015 and 2019 Newcastle had the 19th highest revenue of any club listed in Deloittes Rich List (https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11678/11615548/newcastle-rank-19th-in-deloitte-money-league)

    Much more Money could've been spent to at least give them a competitive spine that could see them easily into the top half.

    Their fans aren't asking Ashley to spend personal fortune but just to reinvest profits.

  7. 23 hours ago, TonyTonyTony said:

    Agreed. Cannot stand Newcastle. Lopsided stadium with delusions of grandeur. Could well go down this season, which would not go down well in Riyadh. 

    I actually found Villa fans to be many times more unbearable. 

    Found the Geordies to be much more realist and down to earth while they were down here.

    Think the majority are just relieved to be rid of Ashley. Who never really had any plans for the club.

  8. 43 minutes ago, Bryans Left Peg said:

    They aren't right wing neither do they support fascism but wanted to defend the Cenotaph against Antifa (Anti-fascists).......

    In my experience, Antifa may claim to be anti-fascists, but for the most part they're simply anti establishment.

    They're as bad if not worse than the 'fascists' they claim to be against. It's simply two sides of a coin. Different being that Antifa (and the far left general) have a tendency to claim anything that doesn't align with their own view as right wing or fascist.

    I.e. the damage to Bristol Police Station during the Kill the Bill protest.

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  9. 7 minutes ago, Wanderingred said:

    Can only echo what’s been said, that we shouldn’t be giving thugs a platform. They have absolutely no right to take the moral high ground in anything, given the damage they have caused to our club and city’s image over the years.

    I don’t buy their story anyway. What exactly were they protecting the cenotaph from? Why would BLM protestors want to damage a war memorial? They just wanted an excuse to flex their muscles and hopefully get some agro. 

    Tbf they do clearly state reasoning within the article.

    They make it clear it was elements outside of BLM i.e. Antifa who could use the ruckus for their own agenda. Such as a Cenotaph. As well as the events in London where the Cenotaph was targeted.

  10. 3 hours ago, Portland Bill said:

    The same Leicester who cheated ffp to get to the money league ? 

    Undoubtedly. Same as Bournemouth, etc.

    Alternatively, even if we had stayed in the Championship until the 13/14 campaign. We would have also failed it (£11m loss vs £8m target). Forest, Hull, Ipswich, Leeds, Boro. All also failed it. In total 8-9 clubs failed it.

    I'd argue, however that when you look at their spending between 2012-14, does it strike you as really spending to get where they needed to be? Net spend was only £3m. They were already cutting said spending if they failed.

    Failing FFP depends on the context, up to 2016 it was a bit of a non entity. No real punishment whereas compared to now i.e. Villa (if relegated), Birmingham, Sheff Wed, Derby, Reading.

  11. 4 minutes ago, Major Isewater said:

    As much as I would like City to be on the big stage, competing at the highest level, I wouldn’t want the club to become a plaything for an investor who hadn’t a ‘feel’ for BCFC or Bristol. 
    How many Man City fans of old are really happy to see their club wrenched out of their community to become a soulless brand where money buys the trophies.

    Iam sure that after the initial euphoria they now realise how far removed  from ‘their’ club it has become.

    Thank Bob for Uncle Steve. 

    To be fair - their owners have done a fair bit in the local community.

    Re the Super League, I got the feeling that it was American Execs that were overall to blame for that fiasco, i.e. Bruce Buck at Chelsea.

    Leicester show how it should be done. Overall material wealth means nothing unless used strategically.

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  12. 15 hours ago, Davefevs said:

    Thought he had a mixed first half, but was really good second half.  Could’ve easily had a hat-trick today.

    He’s quite quick when he gets moving 🤣


    Issue is just that his acceleration is non-existent.

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  13. Feel posts are being slightly harsh on O'Dowda here.

    When was his last competitive match? - for me was one of few positive regarding player performances last season. Bakinson doesn't have the same excuse, he's looked static in every match played this season, namely due ball watching and poor mobility.

    Players should be given a clean slate to some extent now we actually seem to have a competent manager. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, CiderHeadDan said:

    Personally love your optimism but have to disagree on where I think we should be. If we finished top 8 with this squad I would be astounded however think we will be middle / lower half of the pack, probably 14th.

    middle 8 Dan. Re-read Fevs post.

    If he'd suggested top 8, I'd have just quoted him and posted this:



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  15. Could understand him not starting as likely not fully match fit.

    Think this system needs two mobile but strong midfielders in the double pivot. I don't see Baks suiting this system if I'm being honest.

    That aside. 100% JW changed the game when he came on. Simply quicker on the deck and combative when he had to be which we were lacking.

    Cemented his name on the teamsheet as it stands for next match if Han is out still.

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  16. 2 hours ago, Sleepy1968 said:

    Alec Eisentrager 49-57 (or 58)

    Alec Briggs 57-68

    Trevor Tainton 65-82

    Rob Newman 81-91

    Rob Edwards  91-97 (or 98)

    Louis Carey 95-2014 (ok he was at Coventry from July 2004-Jan 2005, but come-on gimme a break :)

    Max O'Leary 2014-Present (Lou Carey probably technically left 30/6/2014, and Max joined 1/7/2014, but I'm sure you can pass the baton over that distance)

    I'd like to thank 11v11 for help in compiling this list.

    Not Joe Bryan?

  17. 3 hours ago, BS4 on Tour... said:

    Ooooh, not sure I agree with that ... after doing well in the championship, finishing 7th, Coppell took Reading into the premier league as champions of the championship, losing only two games in the entire season in the process, that season he also took Reading on a record championship run of 33 games unbeaten ... his Reading team clinched promotion in March - ridiculously early - and he subsequently finished in 8th place in the premier league after taking Reading up ... obviously after his disastrous short tenure at Ashton Gate very few City supporters are fans of Coppell, but his previous achievements cannot be simply ignored ...

    And I didn't.

    We weren't the only club he yeeted out of after all. Snakes and Ladders.

  18. Just now, Numero Uno said:

    Agreed and that will take time, coaching and recruitment. As long as we are competitive and picking up points here and there the rest will follow, it just isn't going to happen overnight.

    Mostly the latter. Like Martin, but a countering system doesn't suit him nor Wells.

    Can see the likes of Conway and Bell having roles to play if Nige can get them up to speed.

  19. 1 minute ago, Ryan_BCFC said:

    I’m sorry but we are shit, really shit. When did things get this bad? As soon as LJ left.

    They were this shit under LJ.

    There's a reason we were near bottom of the XG table for his final two seasons at the helm. 

    We just happened to be clinical. 

    Last 12 months the last of the confidence went to shite under an inexperienced manager and here we are. Simple.

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  20. I'd say the problem is that on balance, against Cardiff it was less of an issue as we stayed compact and hit them on the break. We were much more open against Luton.

    We lost 50:50s all over the pitch tonight, not just HNM. 

    Thought James was overall the most anonymous hes been since signing.

    Was just a bad game overall. Think the biggest issues was up front. Martin and Weimann really struggled last night, former was bullied, latter was fairly anonymous.

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