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  1. The manager believes in Conway and has played him when he's been fit. Ditto Bell. Sam Pearson's not good enough. So what's your point? It's demonstrably obvious, noted by various posters with reasoned arguments more than once, that Britton isn't physically up to Championship standard. There's no doubting he has natural ability when it comes to putting the ball in the net but modern football requires supreme physical athleticism above all else which he hasn't got and is unlikely to develop no matter how "fit" he gets. Semenyo is the exact opposite - superb physical attributes, poor technique. But his technique can be improved through hard work and good coaching - we've seen that already. The areas Britton needs to work on cannot be so readily improved, if at all - it's down to DNA by and large - watch the video with Dave Rennie talking about the most important quality in modern top level football being explosive power. Semenyo has this in spades, Britton has the explosiveness of a tub of lard. That's not to say he can't have a career - there will always be a need for players who can find the net as well as he can, just not at the level City are aspiring to. This is all pretty obvious stuff so I can only assume the reason you're getting your knickers in a twist is you're his dad or something. We took a punt on a local lad with some ability. Like most punts it wasn't a winner. It hasn't cost us much so no harm done. Next.
  2. A very tidy player who I'll always have time for based on the excellent service he gave us. The fact he's now annoying loads of baadiff fans is the cherry on the cake. Keep it up fella!
  3. Agreed. Sadly 3 months is more likely! Lovely thought though + Benarous, Tanner and Atkinson improving, Conway finding his feet....
  4. True but he'll solve our FFP worries at a stroke. Every cloud.....
  5. How much time do you think he has? And how much do you think he needs?
  6. What we're paying them to get rid, right?
  7. Sadly, no-one's that stupid. It'll be the summer, at the earliest, before we get rid of that millstone round our neck.
  8. No, apparently not. Turns out it was actually an evil EFL vendetta against them. Who knew, eh?
  9. Are we missing a trick? Of course we are. "Soft City" innit. Then again, does the OP actually want us to be a Warnock team?? Because that's what the savvy, cynical alternative is - a cross between Sergio Ramos and Dave Martin. Christalive, what a bunch of c**ts that team would be. I'd rather we tried to play teams off the park than go there. So I'll compromise - we'll play 'em off the park but have a Gerry Gow standing guard in centre mid. Over to you Nige.
  10. Standard gallows humour. Nothing to see here. Next.
  11. In my experience, what is and what should be are two very different things for us City fans.
  12. How much is he on for the games he doesn't score a hat trick before half time? Agree we need to keep our hair on tonight though.
  13. So long as he's fit next week. Got everything crossed. Today was always an irrelevant fixture.
  14. So long as the punishment fits the crime - Mike Ashley buying them would be a good start Have some of that y'cheatin *******!
  15. Phew thanks that's what I wanted to hear. Makes sense when you stop panicking and think about it for a second. And relax! And Derby f!k off.
  16. If Derby disappeared before the end of the season, would it still be 3 going down? I'm guessing it would. And we'd also lose the 3 points gained in beating them. All of which would drop us right in the mire.
  17. The sooner someone makes a mega offer for Lloyd Kelly the better. That sell-on clause might buy us some time. Any other straws we can clutch at? Can't imagine anyone paying Brighton more for Webster than they paid us, so that's a dead end, not that they're looking to sell. If Burnley get relegated, someone might make an offer for Brownhill - but, in the current market, more than they paid us? Ayling went to Leeds for a pittance, so there might be potential there, assuming we have a clause. Would probably require Leeds relegation to prompt offers though, so unlikely. Perhaps Magnússon has turned into a world-beater at Moscow or Eliasson at Nimes? We're getting desperate now, aren't we. The cupboard is bare. Which surely means a fire sale of what we currently have. Personally, I'd try to keep the talented young ones we're paying peanuts (if at all possible but seems doubtful) and tell anyone who's earning £20K per week, give or take, they're surplus to requirements - some good players will leave but that doesn't mean other good ones, ooc or free signings, won't be available for much less wage. In any event, there's some short term pain on the way, hopefully for long term gain. What a mess - poor decisions at executive level are the bane of BCFC's life. It's what we do. Good luck, Nige. At least we have a steady hand on the tiller.
  18. Frankie "rush of blood to the head" Fielding, wasn't it? On debut and, fatefully, against Wolfs. Jojo Wollacott in goal tomorrow for Ghana, possibly.
  19. We can start by picking Knowle's Alfie Biggs up front - that'll get their fannys flapping over the river.
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