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  1. Oh come on Dave, I bet you got called a lot worse than that
  2. We need Massengo, Semenyo or Scott to have a blinding season and get sold for daft money. Plus one or two of the top earners to be out of contract at the end of the season(are there any?). That's the only way to create a bit of leeway. Otherwise, we go on being a hardworking, pragmatic, unremarkable team with little ambition but to avoid relegation for a good while longer.
  3. It doesn't make any difference how many financial backers we have. FFP will still only allow us to spend a set amount, whoever's paying the bills. I agree about finding a way to keep our best players for longer though.
  4. So Lee Johnson got 5 years but Nigel Pearson will get just a couple before he gets the boot? Our owner has his moments but that would take the biscuit.
  5. He's fckd. Best if he's put down and we move on to someone else.
  6. Yes it is Whitehead - shaved his tache off but his accent gave the game away! Got to shake Sir Geoff by the hand last night. Bloody marvellous. Latham got quite emotional when mentioning Coops too.
  7. I want to see Martin giving Kelly a tough afternoon physically. We might get some joy there, if we make best use of the limited possession I expect us to have. Personally think they'll be much too good for us but we shall see.
  8. I like your confidence. Not sure I share it!
  9. I think he was spoilt for choice about who to take off!
  10. At home, against a bunch of fascists with nothing to play for, he's entitled to pick one less defensive midfielder and pick an attacking one instead. The rest is down to the players. Disappointing result, against an entirely negative opponents, that still lives us in command of our own destiny.
  11. Which bit? The keeping B'muff guessing bit or the for all the good it'll do us bit
  12. Just keeping Bournemouth guessing. For the good it'll do us!
  13. I couldn't believe her over-reaction, quite frankly. Unless she was putting it on but I'm not sure she was. Fair play to the girl who knew the answer though!
  14. I agree. I've had that bad cough for weeks now, the last thing anyone needed was me sat in there phlegming away all night. If there's one person we don't want to be out of action at the moment, it's not any of the players frankly, it's the manager.
  15. His racehorses stayed on their feet more often than his football players. And his silks were a terrible design - quarters! Who the hell thinks quarters are a good look????? That aside, I doff my flat cap to him - NH racing won't be the same without you sir, RIP.
  16. Yes indeed, good old Bones. Went to same schools as him, as did one or two others on here. Yep, his brother Chris fought in the Falklands.
  17. Bristol isn't Timbuktu! Please don't find excuses for our chronic under achievement. If the people who've been in charge of our club down the years had been any cop, and if there were more Bristolians like you and me who gave a toss about their local teams, we wouldn't be having this conversation. When you get down to the brass tacks of it, location has little to do with it. We haven't been run well enough since the year dot and there aren't enough of us to kick up a stink about that and demand better. End of.
  18. Indeed, I wouldn't want us to change managers every 5 minutes like Watford. But they've found a way to actually achieve something while Lansdown, at City for 25 years and counting, has implemented more duff ideas than good ones.
  19. So you think we wouldn't be a yo-yo club if we ever achieve this much talked-about, but highly elusive, promotion to the Premier League??? I'd bite your hand off for a bit of yo-yo action!
  20. 2 promotions to the Premier League, 1 automatic the other via the play-offs. 2 other play-off appearances. An FA Cup final. 2 FA Cup semi-finals. A League Cup semi-final. That's what Watford FC has achieved since our current owner became chairman/majority shareholder in 2002. Some people talk the talk, others just get on and do it. If you really want, you can add a further spell of top flight football if you go back to the time our owner first joined as a director in 1996. Yes, the way they hire and fire managers is bizarre, and they've sailed close to financial ruin too, but on the field they've achieved far, far more in the last 20 years than we have.
  21. He's a good player. Got everything in his locker. No idea if he can stay fit but, if so, he'll be part of a darn good City team further down the line - spine of Bentley, Kalas, Atkinson, Baker, James & Williams gives us every chance once we have the time and money to re-calibrate the forward positions.
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