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  1. Loves playing Man U, does Joe.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I'd be delighted if they were relegated and never returned but I'd be very happy to have played the Premier League football they have and in the way the did it. Their profile is one of a successful club that has punched well above it's weight and over achieved while playing excellent football. Our profile is one of serial under achievement.
  3. Fair play to McGregory for writing that, he makes some important points. But Pearson considers friendlies as just training sessions and he doesn't do a media session after other training sessions, so why's this one any different? The journalist should just have the balls to say to him - I don't expect you to like all my questions, and I'm sure you'll answer them how you see fit, but I am going to ask about things that I think supporters are interested in - the rest is up to you, Nigel.
  4. As if the last two and a half thousand pages doesn't prove what a bunch of oddballs (to put it mildly) they are, we now get this! Official confirmation. You really couldn't make it up, the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving. Truly, our cup runneth over with hilarity and, boy, do we love a glass of schadenfraude.
  5. Fingers crossed! PS. And I'd still argue that being able to identify and appoint Martinez, Sousa, Rodgers, Laudrup, and Potter knocks into a cocked hat the managers we've appointed during the same period. But, yes, they've certainly had some hiccups since the Yanks arrived - let's hope it continues.
  6. I would say I really hope this happens. But the fact is, their record of managerial appointments is the polar opposite of ours - i.e. consistently excellent, so Cooper leaving will probably not make a blind bit of difference. For some reason, his old man is always refereeing if I'm ever re-running a home game from the mid-80s in my mind's eye. Good old short-arse Keith from Pontypridd, Tuesday nights at the Gate just wouldn't have been the same without him. No indeed, they'd have been much, much better.
  7. Sadly, I tend to agree. If Pearson is successful here, by which I mean improve on Lee Johnson and get to the playoffs as a minimum, I don't expect either player to be a first choice, if they're still here. Both are good lads but, for me, too soft, too passive. Where we're trying to go under Pearson requires players made of the right stuff mentally, just as much as physically.
  8. Semenyo learnt how to play when he was 18 and it shows. The game comes naturally to Janneh as if he's been doing it all his life. Both are good athletes, both need to improve but Janneh is superior where it matters - between the ears.
  9. Hope Janneh gets more opportunities. Quick, direct and looks more of a footballer than Semenyo.
  10. He'll need to find a backbone to make a decision as unpopular as that again.
  11. I can think of a few who should've dressed as Coco the Clown.
  12. According to Andy Rolls...
  13. Playing for another club? It wouldn't be a total surprise to get an offer or two for him, given the exposure he's just had. If that happened, I think we'd consider it, given the exorbitant (for us) salary we pay him and the stated desire to reduce our overall wage bill. I think Kalas is perfectly capable of playing top flight football in Germany, Spain, France or Italy. Not for one of the glamour clubs but certainly a mid table side - sides who will know all about him now.
  14. Out of interest, who played Right and who played Left?
  15. Don't panic, it's just a training session (Pearson says so) Plus we're without 2, if not 3, definite starters, so formations today will be just about getting everyone a game, not how we might set up in a few weeks time Just twitter back saying "We're just using you as a training session, mate" - that should set them right
  16. Not sure why the surprise. It doesn't matter how good Rennie is, some players are just fragile, in body or mind or both. I'd put COD in that bracket for sure.
  17. Quite so. Both massive City fans but from rather different eras regarding what it means to be a dedicated professional athlete. King has less miles on the clock and a far better manager to work under, too. No disrespect intended but facts is facts.
  18. Ooh I don't know Archie, Gerry Gow and Donnie Gillies scored a couple of worldies at Coventry in 1977...
  19. Wrong. He picked the 5 players who'd been most successful when they'd practised them during training. And I very much doubt he noticed the colour of anyone's skin while doing so. "For England to win at penalties we need blokes called 'Arry and some black lads" doesn't sound like Southgate to me.
  20. I know what you're saying and it's hard to disagree but we've had talent before and not had a clue what to do with it - how did England perform in the late 70s/early 80s when our club sides ruled European football and as for that idiot Eriksson - he didn't have a clue how to use Paul Scholes, the best midfielder of his generation, for starters.
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