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  1. Yea,,, They didn't have toilet facilities..
  2. Cheers,, I'm out on the smash so somthing to try to watch when I get home!
  3. Great post.... The road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions..
  4. Indeed.....sell HNM (should we give Watford a call?).. Sell Bentley (happy enough with Max "between the sticks") Keep our Babber Scott as the "get out of jail" card (if you'll pardon the expression)....
  5. Great post - concise & understandable for 'non finance people such as myself . Another example of poor decision making - gambling even from the headshed.. Hard to quantify from a fortune made in the financial sector...
  6. My god,what a choice... From the frying pan into the fire!
  7. One of several clearly not able to survive at Championship level... I have my doubts that his level is even league one.
  8. Would play a "striker" today though... Start with Weimann up front.
  9. I don't think there's much to puzzle over interpretation wise .. Were on the cusp of the January window & suddenly he's out of the side. I know it's the pantomime season but we don't need to shout "he's behind you"..
  10. Always felt in the past he has been very steady & calm... One game sticks in my mind was Villa away,,obviously a while ago - outstanding performance.
  11. Max was very comfortable,,calm & solid. Nigel say's that if you get into the side & you do what is required/expected of you,,then you keep your place. I hope he sticks to this.
  12. Currently moonlighting alongside Diane Abbott in Cinderella
  13. They've worked out he's a genetic cross between Demonic Cummings & Derek Draper a damn site faster than Lansdown could manage.... Good luck to them in prising it out of it's shell.
  14. They wouldn't need to worry about that anyhow ..
  15. Dog eat dog I know, but I imagine 'we are monitoring this sad,sad situation for our own possible benefit!
  16. Now relocated to Imperial Wharf......
  17. Apart from his unbelievable energy levels I'd say his strongest asset is his movement - I don't think I'm being unfair in saying many of those around him are not on the same wavelength....
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