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  1. You can do with your dark horse whatever you like....
  2. Weimann's movement is excellent,,good in the air & his finishing decent..... Right now I see he is our best option 'up top'.....
  3. 1. Sheff Utd 2. Fulham 3. Bournemouth 4. W.B.A 5. Notts Forest. 6. Reading. 7. Millwall. 8. Swansea. 9. Stoke. 10. Cardiff. 11. Middlesbrough 12. Q.P.R 13. Barnsley. 14. Hull 15. Blackburn. 16. Luton 17. Coventry 18. Bristol City 19. Peterborough 20. Blackpool 21. Preston 22. Derby 23. Birmingham 24. Huddersfield
  4. Somthing different...? Somthing desperate. If 'cant hit a cow's arse with a banjo' is different. If Semenyo's your pacy goalscoring striker your going to be scrapping at the arse end of the table.. Nige now's best & he'll get his man when possible.
  5. Or Moore.. He's not good enough.
  6. Still a big concern... Need more pace in the side.. Were that certain pacey striker short.
  7. Does this mean I rang the optician for nothing??...
  8. I'd say nine of the starting eleven on day one are already chosen...(barring injury!) These are three of them..
  9. Dolman Centre - £39.... Lansdown Centre - £43. It's too much money....
  10. I notice Swansea charging a fiver to watch their friendlies,with half of that going to Alzheimer's Society.. Has a better feel to it!
  11. That's far enough...stop right there. No one's stopping me drinking mine.
  12. The asset that will bring us the most ... Be crazy to damage him now..
  13. It feels as were all closing that gap along with @Robbored
  14. For me the anti bullshit of Nigel,,the straight talking & generally being 'on the level' is a tonic...compared to what we've had to endure for a number of years I believe his approach is showing us as supporters of the club respect. Long may it continue.
  15. The reality is that local hospitals are Facing unsustainable pressure right now. Don't forget two jabs (or a passport ) don't stop people from catching covid or requiring hospital intervention..what they are doing is keeping a higher proportion out of ITU and of course fewer deaths. I myself caught covid at the peak of the first wave & although I'm fit & well there is now every chance of re-infection..with a completely different outcome possible. So much has been learnt & still being learned. Elective programs are already being scaled down with beds made available in preparation for what is to come - covid alert level is moving rapidly towards its highest marker ...... Everybody I'm sure quietly getting on with the job,,no scare stories,,no negativity & not a mention of the Guardian ..
  16. Numbers of covid+ patients being admitted are rising rapidly... Not courtesy of the BBC...
  17. My Mr's likes him... Fantasy son in law material she says!!
  18. I know these matches are only run-out's to hone the fitness but my gut tells me this will be a long tough season.. Either that or the curry lunch
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