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  1. I’ve been feeling pretty positive about tonight. That was until I read this thread. Now the gnawing doubt and fear has returned. Thanks OTIB.
  2. Agree with much of this and am torn between keeping and trying to generate funds. My feeling is that at least one of our saleable assets will be gone this summer together with Wells and Palmer (hopefully - value for every £) In terms of the rebuild and 3 year plan I would prefer to keep Massengo, Scott and Semenyo, although I’m getting slightly anxious that we haven’t got Massengo to sign a new contract. I’m guessing his agent might be out there testing the market. We won’t let contracts run down so he will be off in the summer in that case. Must be attracting attention from much higher up considering his pedigree. I also think we should renew Semenyo on better terms and look to do the same with Scott next season. In an ideal world I would like to keep Kalas and especially the younger players, but it is not hard to see a set of circumstances where at least one of them is off. Although unfortunate, this might accelerate the rebuild but we are relying on recruitment being on point if this is going to take us forwards.
  3. My Nan is unfortunately no longer with us. My son’s Nan however is available. She’s just had a replacement knee so won’t be out on the training pitch for a while. As for style of play. I quote “ I don’t mind watching the football (as opposed to Place in the Sun/The Chase). As long as they don’t try that tippy tappy rubbish “. In the running?
  4. Totally agree bb. Made a similar point on the Cundy thread. Time to go to the preferred formation. Those players who are going to be here next season can learn to play it effectively. Realise we are light at fb but will need to play with Vyner/Tanner and Pring/DaSilva injuries permitting.
  5. FWIW I think we should revert to a back 4. Nige is on record saying he doesn’t really like a back 3/5. And whilst I understand why he made the switch, it isn’t working. Despite what some posters believe our position in the championship and Nigel’s as manager are safe. Perhaps it’s time to experiment with 433, if that is going to be our preferred system going forward. Gives certain members of the current squad the opportunity to play themselves into (or out of!) contention for next season.
  6. How’s Simpson doing? Good prospect?
  7. I cannot confirm or deny that I was taken to Vicky’s as a young man. I’m waiting for Sue Gray to tell me if I was there.
  8. He hasn’t put a foot wrong on or off the pitch. Early days but I like what I’ve seen so far.
  9. We should also up his wages to reflect his status. Trying to keep him here on the cheap is a recipe that builds resentment. Nige has talked about trying to get some degree of the wage parity. Makes complete sense to me if you are trying to build team spirit and a cohesive squad.
  10. I can’t wait until he’s properly fit and back in the team. We’ve missed having someone like him for years.
  11. Semenyo’s goals today were outstanding. I’m sure he must be being watched/tracked by a number of clubs high up the food chain. Pace, power, strength and technique. Unplayable at times. If he can gain some consistency we are looking at a prem club offering £ 15/20M +.
  12. Shame. I was looking forward to Ian Gay’s take.
  13. Tough one to take today, but a much more important game next week. And Blackburn!
  14. I know it sounds stupid, but quite enjoying the game. If I squint a bit I can’t make out the score. This will be a big wake up call for some of our players about what it takes. Good learning opportunity for the younger ones. We will see what we’re made of v Cardiff next week.
  15. Looking forward to Hampshire reds thread later.
  16. Wow. Breakthrough moment. Best 30 mins of his career so far.
  17. Not a great deal of sympathy from twitter.
  18. Marcus Browning and Marcus Stewart. Both Hartcliffe school boys. Unfortunately both picked up by rovers at an early age as our youth system at the time was poor.
  19. Is this a quiz? My answer is because Ian Gay is a bit of a *#*#!
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