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  1. Interesting, I absolutely loved RDR2, thought it was incredible, but I do get that it's a slow start. Currently struggling for a new game myself. With a total lack of options out there, like a total mug I've just gone and bought GTA V for the fourth time on a different platform... . It would really help to try something new instead for once.
  2. From the creators of Boomtown, looks effin great. Looking at it I bet there'll be a few shroomed up people on their way there too
  3. You said 'any level'. Does football not exist outside Britain?
  4. If Robbored hasn't seen something then apparently it cannot exist.
  5. Yeah I have a few mates who did so, they were on the IEC working holiday visas. It's definitely a cool city, relatively young, modern and diverse. Plenty to do if that's your sort of thing. I've no idea what it's like on the outer suburbs though if you were looking for a quieter life.
  6. Good shout there, I've seen it a few times but never actually went in for a full breakfast, will have to give it a go. As far as I veggie breakfasts go, another great one is The Bristolian.
  7. A bit more of a recent band, but Fontaines DC sponsored Bohemians and it looks pretty decent. Not sure that fit would go well on many of us though
  8. Absolutely true, this is the crucial thing. People will never use public transport until it's accessible and fit for purpose. As it stands, it's neither. Go to cities where public transport infrastructure is decent and the number of cars on the road is noticeably lower. Going vegan is roughly (well, very roughly) about as efficient in reducing CO2 emissions as not driving your car. Unfortunately the latter isn't particularly feasible for many but reducing meat intake and reducing driving even just a bit are the 2 best things we can do to reduce our impact.
  9. If every family in the UK went vegan for just one day a week, it would be the equivalent of taking 16,000,000 cars off of the road. That is an insane number. Even if people aren't vegetarian/vegan for animal welfare reasons, I really hope this is the wake up call some need. The absolute reality is that things need to be done on a political/business level for the world to change significantly. But in terms of what you and I can do to help stop this - the single most effective and easiest way to make a big change is to significantly reduce your meat and dairy consumption. And it's something we can all do, even just one day a week. This isn't patronising, it's not preaching, it's simply fact. Be part of the solution, not the problem
  10. Oh absolutely yes, I'm not quite sure if you're agreeing or disagreeing with me there, but I'd say that is mainly down to the corporate facilities as you say. For the new Main Stand at Anfield, it cost £80m (£115m including land acquisition), and they got 8,500 extra seats out of it. Basically, the primary benefit of expansion was not from the seats. As such, if we did get Prem football, any Atyeo or Dolman expansion would likely be for similar reasons, and I really don't think you're fitting much in the way of corporate facilities on the Atyeo footprint, unless as some have said, the rules have changed and we could build farther back.
  11. If you mean the new facilities beyond the Lansdown, then yeah definitely, I was referring to a rebuild of the Atyeo or Dolman here. Sorry I might not have been clear.
  12. Exactly this. The new stands at Wolves and Fulham, though bigger, cost £40m and £80m respectively in terms of their overall developments. We can assume a new Atyeo stand would cost at least £15-£20m. If that gave us 2k extra seats, which we sold out 25 times a season (highly unlikely), at an average ticket price of £27, it would take you 15 years or so, possibly more to recoup that investment on ticket sales alone. If you account for not selling out every week and a possible higher cost of build, you're talking 20-25 years. Basically, extra seats aren't the primary benefit of expanding. Corporate facilities are the main benefit from expanding, and on the existing footprint of the Atyeo (and the Dolman to be honest), you're going to have cramped facilities at best. Surely, one way or another, the club would have to buy more land, or do it purely for seats and go for as cheap a job as possible.
  13. How come? How would you get more seats into the same height stand, without a lower rake? What advances in engineering would overcome that?
  14. This is where we would be best placed to expand if we did want to expand AG imo. It would require purchase of the land behind it, but the block of flats are nearing the end of their lifespan, which might make it a little more likely. Though it's possible that any planning deal might require an element of accommodation built alongside as well. An identical stand to the Lansdown would take us to ~32,000, probably a good capacity for us if we were in the PL, would result in a lopsided ground. Besides, it would be cool to have something different from the Lansdown anyways. I actually think modern times would make it worse to be honest. I won't pretend to know much about planning regulations and the like, but they are likely stricter than they were before. If we assume the Atyeo is already as high as it can possibly be (which I think it is considering it was originally meant to be two-tiered I believe), chances are a new stand would result in reduced capacity given facility requirements/legroom, etc would probably be higher. That's ignoring the possibility of it wrapping around the Dolman corner, or ignoring having a shallower rake, which would allow more seats but product terrible views. The dream imo would be getting to the Prem, buying the houses, and sticking a great one-tier stand there, similar to what Sheff Utd wanted, but it's very unlikely.
  15. Pretty obvious really isn't it. Music trends are usually defined by the younger groups. This thread and Facebook is living proof that if Glasto catered to the armchair older lot, the headliners would be Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Diamond, etc on repeat. Nothing wrong with that by the way, not at all, but it's not exactly what the festival is about. I'd take Kendrick and Billie Eilish all day longer over legends on repeat. Not my bag, but you never discover anything new or interesting by listening to the same old artists. What will be interesting is future headliners. I'm not sure they're that status yet, but Wolf Alice are absolutely outstanding at the moment, their last album was a masterpiece. Foals can't be far off either. I could definitely see Taylor Swift and/or The 1975 happening next year too, it will certainly be interesting to see who pops up.
  16. That's not how music works though. Theoretically Bon Jovi, Led Zep, etc all have sold way more records too, but neither of them are as big as Kendrick or Billie Eilish at the moment. And to be honest, having new acts in as headliners is far more interesting. I don't mind Billie Eilish, Kendrick definitely isn't my thing, but It's way better to have them as headliners than having Coldplay year in year out, or bands that only have wide-reaching appeal in the over 40's or 50's. To be honest that group is probably bottom of the list of people the festival should aim to please.
  17. Yeah come on Dave pipe down
  18. Arctic Monkeys and Elton John would be ace. As ever though, headliners are far down the list of things that make me excited about Glasto. Pixies would be awesome for sure.
  19. Absolutely not. On ticket day, our entire group will be online with every device imaginable on them refreshing the ticket page, ideally all on separate connections. It's very difficult, but if your entire group is committed, you have a good chance. Every person can buy a maximum of 6 tickets. Everyone is back, so my self-imposed social media ban is now off. I hope everyone had an amazing time, can't wait for October to roll around, and hopefully be involved this time! Wet Leg and Fontaines DC looked decent from clips I saw, will have to give them a proper watch soon.
  20. Not going to get dragged into the BLM discussion but fair enough on the Covid point, I had thought it was after, not before, so fair point.
  21. Foals are effin great.
  22. Difference being, when was the last time Neville's or Lineker's opinions on Twitter actually endangered the lives of people in our country? It's probably not even a stretch to claim that Le Tissier's Covid bollocks has indirectly killed someone.
  23. Enjoy you lucky ****ers.
  24. Kinda see where Harry is coming from here. I bet a lot of people here would move back to the UK in a similar situation, supposing all of their family is there that is.
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