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Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?


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Here's another who is prepared to let anything happen without saying a word.

I'm glad your happy with everything.


I'm not happy with many facets of the current situation, but I'm grown up enough to realise that this is what happens in life. Sometimes your best laid plans work and sometimes they don't. The most important thing for me is their intention, which remains positive and supportive of this club and its fans.

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Cracking post Mr Merde.

I know we are in a doom loop but when did someone pouring their own money into our club turn into "forcing us into debt"?

I keep buying season tickets. Is it my fault too?


Exactly. It seems in the UK nowadays it's always somebody else's fault.


People need to get in the real world and realise we all make mistakes. The trick is how we deal with them.

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By all means scrutinise and criticise the actions of any private enterprise. That is currently (though not if these lot have anything to do with it) your right in this country. But don't for a minute think that gives you the right to demand somebody runs their business how you want it to be run. If you want to do that you have put your own capital at risk.

Fair comment, although I'd add that, whether chairmen agree or not, there is a significant responsibility to a specific community in running a football club. This is not McDonalds or Amazon.

Don't run a football club a then complain about the same group of fans getting up your nose.

It's not much different to politics in some ways. A new owner comes in/a new government is elected. You don't wait 5 years to discuss the merits of their actions, you let your views be known throughout.

As with politics, of course, it doesn't mean anyone is listening.

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Just a question then. Would 'making any decision he wants' include changing our colours or changing the name of the club.

I'm sure Mr Tan would argue that what he's doing is taking decisions to ensure a return on his investment.


No good trying to quoting me out of context when the original post is just above! Read the next sentence:


"And at this level, with ****-all TV rights money, the quickest way to do that is to get the club playing attractive, winning football and get people back to the Gate. Which is exactly the same as any fan wants."


How would changing the colours or name of the club get more people down the gate?

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What's Jon Lansdown done to qualify him as a 'successful local businessman' you know our Vice chair who does all the media work because our actual chairman is either embarrassed by his accent or does not have a tongue.


Sorry, misread that you were talking about JL. Redacted this comment.

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