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Stuart Pearce


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6 minutes ago, Alex#40 said:

Appleton was odds on most the weekend and that seems a outright no. Wouldn't worry!


9 minutes ago, phantom said:

Not too sure, too much should be read into the betting figures

Thanks. Its given me a bit of comfort. I loved Psycho as a player but as a manager, I would not be a happy pixie!

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8 minutes ago, BCFC Jordan said:

Now favourite with Skybet.


We couldn't be that stupid... could we?


This is getting like the old 'ten to two club' when you'd been too busy getting pissed with your mates to try and pull .....the slowies have come on.....

and there's only the ugly ones left

....... 'Whose the least ugly'

its getting like that I tell you !!!!:grr:

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5 minutes ago, BRISTOL86 said:

Don't know why people get so fixated by it. It means absolutely nothing. Unless people are lumping huge sums of cash on which suggests inside knowledge, in which case betting gets suspended anyway!

I get what you are saying. I do bet quite a bit on footy and the amount of times a name pops out of nowhere and the odds shorten quickly can be from ITK punters. I just hope that its a load of rubbish in this case.

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I wouldn't be to impressed with Pearce myself.but like some say he has come from no where in the betting to being fav.I understand betting and how it works so to me some 1 has heard something and decided to whack a few quid on old pshco.Wouldn't be the worst appointment would it.least we know he has passion

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