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Biggest crowd for 26 years

Alan Dicks

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5 minutes ago, Griffin said:

05/03/91 – v Bristol Rovers, 22,269 

We beat that yesterday so I think the Q was when was the last time we had more than yesterday at a league match. Good Q. I'm guessing than it must have been when we were in the top flight between 1976 and 1980 unless we had more v Rovers in a league match in the 80s.

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1 minute ago, bobbyhutchscurlymullet said:

I think so, also Gary Johnson could have been the Cambridge assistant manager at the time too

It was a second replay IIRC. We`d drawn at home and up there in the first one and lost the toss for venue in the second. I`ve got a feeling they went to Man Utd in the next round too.

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There were more of us - City fans - at AG yesterday than there were at the Chelsea game in 1990. Chelsea had 6k using all of the Park End, so only 18,500 City fans.

For the Rovers game in 89, they brought about 4000, so approx 19k of us at that game.

There were about 24k City fans at AG in a 28k (I believe that was a 30k sell out but due to torrential rain and live tv coverage kept about 1k at home) crowd v Forest in the LC semi in 89, but I reckon that yesterday was the most City fans at a league game here since Liverpool, March 1980 (27k crowd). 20,000 of us in a 22,500 crowd.

Not bad going.

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