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Viking chant......

Eddie Notgetinya

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1 hour ago, Alex_BCFC said:

It's annoyingly and way too fast at start. Still, love that long throw.

Every song we sing is way to fast , including “drink up the cider” !

Its not a competition to see who can sing the quickest.

Perhaps we can get that Gareth bloke of the tele who teaches choirs to sing to give us s few lessons.

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7 minutes ago, Real Red said:

We do it far to fast, sometimes at the Boro game it had finished by the time he picked the ball up. There are long pauses between the claps if you watch it done by the Icelandics. Much more impactful


That's because no ones leading the clap. For it to work you need a leader who controls the tempo of it, like in this clip everyone goes off of the two bangs from the drummer. We just go by who ever claps next. Not a fan of it to be honest but that's mainly because we cant do it properly to save our lives. If we get someone leading it and making it work properly i might join in on it.

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