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What do you think the Club are doing well?


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Encouraging youngsters to watch live football . £50 for a season ticket and club shirt ,absolute bargain. You can knock the club for=a lot of things but they are bang on the money with this and as we all well know once you start going you are hooked for life . I would rather see a young lad running about in a city shirt ( or rovers ) then a Man U or Liverpool shirt which they will never have any connections with other then watching on sky . 

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I agree with Garland, the Academy and youth players seem to have a 'process' to ensure they gt the right amount of game time at a level that suits them, but also challenges them a bit and the majority of them seem to be getting regular game time. Tinman does a good job of liking things on Twitter from clubs reports on games which gives you an idea of how they are performing.

McGoalsky and Taylor Moore at Southend seem to be involved every game, same with Bakinson and Semenyo and all the Torquay guys are ripping up the league. Jonny Smith is doing well at Tranmere.

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Selling players at the absolute top of their value range.

Brilliant new stadium.

Maximising the revenues from that stadium.

Developing the area around Ashton Gate into a modern multi-sport complex.

The Forever Bristol half season membership that comes with a free ticket to the Bolton game and I will be buying that.

After two decades of trying the Academy is now delivering first team players.

There are of course negatives as well but they are not for this thread.

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