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  1. Until now……New CEO, new manager and new backroom staff. It just takes time to get things where we all want them to be - patience is required.
  2. Have you not noticed that after the departure of the fraud Ashton and the appointment of an established well respected manager in Nige that City are heading in a different direction?
  3. Did you read RGs article the Post this week? That says all there is to know about parachute payments. Iirc the Baggies get them don’t they?
  4. You started this tread saying SL should sell up……….. You haven’t really thought that thru have you?
  5. I was expecting a loss and had City managed a draw I’d have been delighted. It’ll be interesting to hear what Nige has to say.
  6. A little understanding of what’s actually underway at City would help…………
  7. We get stuffed at the Hawthorns where no sensible City fan expected to get anything and we get an all too familiar knee jerk reaction………… Otib really does make me smile especially when City lose………..
  8. I think you mean dinosaur…………
  9. Windies 55 all out in the opening t20 Rashid 4-2! Terrific captaincy from Morgan. Got the tactics absolutely spot on.
  10. Fantastic news. Good to see a decent community club becoming a Phoenix.
  11. RedM - I seriously doubt that you or any other poster on here are itk but if you are what benefit does that give everyone else on otib?. Nobody itk can post anything confidential on here. If they did that would compromise their source and Ive been in exactly that situation many times over the years.
  12. Not necessarily Dave. His cancer issue has been made public but none of us know how successful or unsuccessful his treatment has been. It could be the latter and that type of information would not be disclosed in public.
  13. If any poster had any genuine inside knowledge they’d hardly post it on here and why it’s all speculation and rumour. The only things I believe are posted on the OS - that’s the only way we know that it’s genuine.
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