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  1. It’s all just a storm in a teacup.
  2. I saw on here that GmG was getting access after the Dons or the Villa game. You’re right about it being farcical tho - and I get the feeling that most of originated on here…….
  3. No doubt and as always the club are looking to fleece the fans - hence the tenner for a training match but the ‘disconnect’ between Nige and GmG is entirely one sided. Is no big deal for Nige if the local hack is pissed off. He did his managerial duty by giving an interview to RobinsTV and not GmG and he got the hump over it……..…. A very ‘toys out the pram’ reaction from GmG. GmG will get proper access when the serious stuff starts and then we’ll see how it goes after the Blackpool match.
  4. Doing interviews is an integral part of a managers job so it’s not about pandering to GmG or any other media. Like most managers Nige doesn’t like to have his decisions questioned and has reacted poorly for sure in the past. However, when it comes to preseason training matches I can quite understand why Nige has been unavailable for GmG when it’s his and his coaches jobs to get the squad as ready as possible and that means utilising the entire squad. However,Nige did do an interview with Robins Tv instead and that’s what Gregor got in a piss about. It was childish of GmG to react in the way he did tho.
  5. Lions kicking was far better second half, putting the Springboks under much greater pressure. Excellent change of tactics from Warren.
  6. “ What do think of it so far?”
  7. I support the club thru buying a SC - mine arrived this morning. I’m not prepared to waste a tenner on a game that I’m not remotely interested in.
  8. The line up is largely irrelevant. It’s a training game ffs……..………The purpose is to enhance the players fitness against unfamiliar opponents and a perfect opportunity for Nige and his coaches to assess how the squad are developing. Thats why there are different line ups in each half. I really don’t get why some are getting bewildered by Martins absence. It’s no big deal.
  9. If he doesn’t then Gregor will get the hump………….
  10. Of course……….……. All proper managers handle a mercurial talent like Palmer in that way. LJ tried to ‘coach’ Palmer believing that he could get the best out of KP by working with him in full preseason - that didn’t work out so well.
  11. Of course. …... I’m not questioning your right to decline - just curious as to why. My daughter is 36 and has had the Moderna vaccine rather than the Astra Zeneca because of the very minimal risk of blood clots in the under 30s. My pals g’friend has a son who is an anti vaxxer and he got covid and passed it on to his mum who also caught it despite having had her first jab. My buddy had to isolate for 10 days because of it.
  12. Players certainly liked playing under Nige so no reason to suppose that the same won’t apply to Palmer.
  13. Only a training game for one of the teams.
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