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  1. I don’t remember calling for his sacking. However I do remember nearly falling asleep when watching his ‘style’……….. I was delighted when he got himself sacked.
  2. Yep……glad you understand that sacking or appointing any manger is always a gamble. It worked out for Leeds but not for Burnley.
  3. That’s right - I’m surprised that you didn’t realise that……….. How many times have we seen it happen? Appointing or sacking any manger is always a risk
  4. My point is that sacking a manager is the same as appointing one - it’s a gamble. Leeds got lucky and Burnley didn’t.
  5. That made no difference - they’ll be playing at AG next season.
  6. So Burnley were wrong to sack Dyche…………. I firmly believe has they stuck by him it would have been Leeds that’ll be playing us next season.
  7. Liverpool to win the PL Leeds to get relegated Arsenal to make the CL spot Unfortunately both Man City and Liverpool will win and I can’t see Spurs losing at Carrow Rd so I’ll be a little disappointed later on…………
  8. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/bristol-city-nigel-pearson-quotes-7102684 You just can’t help but like Nige - he’s a top bloke.
  9. Barton has had his issues with violence in the past and his reputation is still ripe amongst other clubs and managers but he’s clearly a man who knows how to manage and get his team organised and playing well - let’s not forget that he was a very decent player who played under some top managers He’s clearly learnt his trade via his journey in the industry and most recently the Gas release list shows that he’s planning to rebuild the squad ready for next season. He knows that the standard gets better the higher up the leagues a club goes and he’ll be wanting to recruit better players - we all know how tough L1 is having spent too many seasons down there. If JB gets it right I can see them stabilising in L1 with around a mid table finish.
  10. ………..umm…….they’re still deep in the shit Graham. It could be all over come Sunday evening.
  11. Absolutely right. It coincided with the departure of Ashley - something the toon army had wanted for years.A combination of both.
  12. Burnley are still at serious risk of the drop tho despite sacking Dyche and the same applies to Leeds.
  13. It took the players refusing to play for GJ after they’d manhandled him out of the dressing room at Argyle that forced GJ to sack him. City wouldn’t have a team otherwise.
  14. Both Leeds and Burnley sacked their respective managers in an effort to avoid relegation from the PL but now one of them will joining us in the Championship next season. It just shows that changing managers in a time of difficulty isn’t always the right decision and I firmly believe that had Burnley held on to Dyche that they wouldn’t be in the precarious situation that they’re currently in. He was relegated first time around with them but bounced straight back up and there’s be no reason why he couldn’t have done the same if they’d gone down again. The owners of both Burnley and Leeds obviously felt under immense pressure at the possibility of them losing PL status but the in case of Leeds and Bielsa it’s more understandable with his poor command of English and if whispers are anything to go by his stubborn refusal to change tactics and style of play. Personally I hope Leeds get relegated.
  15. Absolutely. It’s quite phenomenal just how much this type of technology has advanced in a relatively short time period. Compare it now to just a few years ago when prozone was considered top drawer technology. It must a truly fascinating area to work in - I’d love to have been involved in it had it been around when I was working.
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