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World In Action Documentary

Keepers Ball

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I had a great laugh at that point. Thanks for posting this. I had forgotten we had been the subject of World In Action. But it brought back memories watching it and I remembered Archie Gooch and his other director saying how ridiculous it was for them having to pay to get in.

I was rather taken aback by the solutions offered to the crisis facing football in 1982 by the likes of Jimmy Hill, Peter Swales etc. A maximum wage and restriction of TV coverage!!! It was the extension of TV coverage, indeed TV saturation that saved the game!

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29 minutes ago, eardun said:

I think I watched that back in 1982, but seeing that again does remind you - again - just how incompetent the running of the club was and how badly the AG8 were treated - including from supposed fans (one player received threats re what they would do to his wife and kids). 

So true. Funny. What a great watch that was. listening to the late Jimmy Hill  going on about TV, wonder what he would say today about parachute payments and the like, and good Alec Stock from Bournemouth… 40 years later the rise of that club and TV money. Strange we cannot compete with little old Bournemouth today.
And the warning from history being ignored by us and countless other clubs, spending more than you earn. 

many here  today  on this forum in the 9200 crowd v Fulham.  I was, stood old enclosure. Recall a great atmosphere where somehow the result was immaterial.

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The documentary was spot on in identifying that Gary Collier's departure on the new freedom of contract rule to Coventry City was the catalyst for the spectacular downfall. Back then, before the Bosman ruling, clubs who lost a player that way still obtained a transfer fee set by the transfer tribunal who usually favoured the buying club (City got Walsh for £18,000 when Darlington valued him at getting on for ten times that....I think they were right!) If I recall correctly, City got something like £350,000 for Collier although had they been able to sell him they would've expected £500,000. Effectively losing £150,000 was a lot back then. City panicked and put players on long contracts. As Peter Godsiff correctly stated, players lose motivation etc then. 

We had Clive Whitehead on an 11 year contract so he went down to Div 3 on First Division wages, including bonuses and protected against inflation etc. It's all very well Alan Dicks saying that the board should have sold those players and cashed in when they dropped out of the top flight, but what club would offer Whitehead a ten year contract to tempt him away. Thus City had to sell the likes of Whitehead and Mabbutt for giveaway prices so couldn't even cash in there.

Finally Archie Gooch said at one stage that City averaged 18,000 in the top flight. Yes, but that was the final season of four, the relegation season. In the first season it was 24,000 plus average attendance.

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2 minutes ago, Lew-T said:

Is that the Telephones ground where City are training?

No, other side of the fence….Stockwood Green and TDR Dynamo played on what I always used to call “the BS14 club”….I played for both.

It belonged to Knowle Cricket Club at the time they kicked Stockwood Green off (TDR had folded by then).

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7 minutes ago, Lew-T said:

Stockwood Wanderers? Green play elsewhere.

Cutters is my team??

I’m talking late 90s…Stockwood Green moved to Bath Spa College (Newton St Loe) before moving to Whitchurch behind where Spartak played.

Stockwood Wanderers used to play top of Sturminster Rd I think.

Is the BS14 ground still there…thought KCC were selling it for houses?


i “guested” (ringer) for Cutters twice on a Sunday, before they had their Saturday team.  I used to drink in the Cutters in my early 20s.

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