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  1. Yeah, exactly. Keepers need a bit of luck to get into team in first place sometimes. Nature of the position. Look at Nick Pope's career. And now he is one of best keepers in country. Emi Martinez, the same. Or, bit closer to home, Max. Very good keeper, approaching mid twenties, never held down first choice at his home club. From what I've read, where he has been on loan, the fans have seemed to rate Jojo. Fair play to him going out to find a first team spot.
  2. From little Ive seen of him, Ive always been impressed. I think hes got a real chance. Good luck to him.
  3. No, I think you're right. Hes a really conservative manager and seems to favour like for like switches. Hence the very pragmatic choice to take White. (who, again, is a player I really rate - this isn't about him).
  4. Rashford? Sterling? Bellingham? Rice? Hendo? Depends who is on pitch but in a game where we are just not creating chances, we can accommodate a 15-20min change of shape just to get that set piece abilitiy on the pitch. And its not like he is a bad player apart from set pieces - he's a really solid player. Im a big fan. I understand the want to take Maguire and Henderson as they are both really good international players. TBH, I think it's probably the right call. But it is a massive gamble. Henderson especially so.
  5. Depends where the market level for wages for a player like Weimann settles post-covid. It does seem like there is a big change underway and the median Championship salary for contracts signed from 2021 on is going to come down a lot. FWIW I think club are doing the right thing here. Weimann is decent. And can be really good on his day. But he's a player I feel whose reputation has been benefited by his absence. And if he is on a million quid a year, I think the club assuming that there are better ways to spend that wage through the squad is probably right. As you say, if Weimann can go elsewhere and make his old money, fair enough and he should absolutely do that. If he leaves, he'll be fondly remembered and can't imagine anyone would have an issue with him. But, similarly, I don't think we should have an issue with the club for making this call. (Assuming all the rumours and floated salaries are about right)
  6. They must be a bit more worried about Maguire than they are letting on. I still think we have enough cover for the positions White can play and, if we are serious about winning, the place would have been better given over to a game changer off the bench like JWP.
  7. Can't agree on Ben White. JWP would have been an excellent plan B with DCL and Kane on pitch and grealish getting fouled all over the shop. My big worry is we are really going to struggle to break teams down and we will need that plan B. Nothing against Ben White - I think he's a better CB than a number of options who are in squad. But JWP should be in there.
  8. In fairness big Sam probably would have been a good england manager. On the pitch at least. I don't think he was a bad appointment.
  9. Tough to see past the three relegated teams going straight back up given the managers they have and the players they should be able to hang on to (because there will be minimal interest from teams that could actually afford to buy them.) And this year, in particular, parachute payments are going to be an unfair advatnage.
  10. Or... 49% win percentage and so he definitely should have backing.
  11. Nah. It’s the hope that makes it all fun.
  12. Interesting to see what this figure is next few seasons.
  13. Not quite the fun time yet. We have one miserable pounding still to take first. I hope fans remember all these chats about 'rebuilding' and 'three or four windows before we can challenge', 'no chance top 6 next season' etc. Because, if that's the case, week on week we are going to be losing quite a few games. And OTIB isn't traditionally a forum too understanding of defeats. On the original post, you'd have to think Simpson will get a deal otherwise what was point in bringing him in for a bunch of meaningless games? I wouldn't keep Lansbury - he's improving but not enough. But clearly NP sees something in him and I trust that more than my cursory judgement of him from a few very strange games. (Although Im hoping we are looking at Matty James over Lansbury). Hunt, Rowe, Sessegnon, Fam, Mariappa, Hakeeb, Marley - Would not be money well spent retaining any of them. Pato - I think will go but City will probably try and keep. Walsh - who knows but we will try and keep. There is very clearly a player in there. Baker - will depend what NP sees in next few weeks of training and match. If he can get himself fit, he is going to impress in training you would think. Bents, Kalas, Nagy - our only saleable assests so don't be surprised if at least one decides to move on. Maybe Palmer now he's an international - but you'd think he's not earning 20k a week anywhere else on current form. Same CoD and Wells - same pay anywhere else unlikely so they stay and we need to make best of them. Weimann - NP sounds positive on him (and his personality type) so option surely will be taken. Gilmartin - must keep and needs to be Number One next season, even if Bents, Max and Jojo all stay. Pay whatever it takes to get him for next four years, Steve. Vyner, Cundy, Moore, Dasilva, Pring, Nurse, HNM, Bakinson, Semenyo, Conway, Bell, Scott, Pearson, Britton, Morton.. I mean, I know there is a lot of doom and gloom around place at the moment, but that is not a bad start. A few of those players have really high ceilings and, get the right players around them, at least a couple will surely realise their potential. Next transfer window is a bit of a unique opportunity given potential we have for clearing decks and the availability of other players given no one has any money. So my main hope is, as part of the laborious process in confirming Nigel, we have a clear plan agreed for future direction and a system in place over the coming couple of months in absence of CEO and DoF, for identifying, developing interest, and ultimately acquiring new players. Some of type of player I'd love to see coming in (realistically) - Ostigard, Matty James, Rothwell, Dewsbury-Hall (even if just loan), Josh Knight, Adam Smith, Joao (Reading are effed); Sibley (Derby are effed); Luca Connell; Ashley Fletcher (I know, I know); James Collins; Jed Wallace. All Fantasy Football stuff but, point is, there are some players out there this window.
  14. the1stknowle


    If Fulham can get Mawson fit and playing like he was for us in first few games, and they can keep Tosin, that is a very high quality Championship back two. (Big IF on both those). Losing Mawson was huge this season - quality defender, leader, baller and brought confidence to the team. Sliding doors moment when he got that first injury - more so than the Weimann I think. On Baker - understand why people are hesitant but, if we can get him on the right deal (pay as you play totally unrealistic imo but clearly he can't be on what he was on pre-pandemic) then he is pretty much as good a ball-winning CB as we can attract at this level. So I'd love to see him get a deal. Unsure it will happen for obvious reasons.
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